The Car Love Thread!

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  1. Hello everyone, I've had this thread in mind for a while now and finally thought that I'd bring it out!

    The principles are simple... You show off a car in a picture, it can be your car, somebody else's, or a picture off of the internet! You can then tell me why you love it, what is good about it, maybe tell me a bit about the history of the car if you'd like, just share your Car Love! :D

    I'll start off. Let's start with the classic Mini, a car that I've recently looked into, open this spoiler to hear a bit about it from me!
    The classic Mini is a beautiful car, made in Britain and produced for around 41 years, production ending in the year 2000. There were loads of different styles and versions and the car was practical, it was small, could fit in pretty much any parking space, it was economical, and it had style. The car wasn't just a thing that goes from A to B, it was a thing that goes anywhere in style at a low price.

    As much as it sounds and is amazing, the safety of the car was very poor... Wheels wells caved in at even low speed frontal impacts, if there was a side impact then you were basically the crumple zone, doors would open in roll overs, rear end crashes meant a risk of fire as the fuel tank is in the boot. Rust was also a massive problem, as the metal and paint was so thin on the Mini! Even though all of this brought it down, this car was and still will always be a beautiful specimen, and it definitely gets a load of car love from me!

  2. She still starts up great! :rolleyes:

  3. I'm going to be 100% honest: I only like the Aventador for its colour scheme. And the fact that its a lamborghini and they've been my dream car since I was, like, 5.
  4. :rolleyes:
    There are some nice Lamborghinis, I like some of the older styling though, like the Diablo and Countach :) I'll add some spoilers for both of those...

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  5. NOTE: I do not own this car, or plan on owning it.
    To be honest, I just searched up "light blue car". This is the COLOR I want my car to be. Shiny and light blue. :)
    Although that car in the picture is pretty sweet. :D
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  6. in memoriam: "Chase" 1998-2013
    '98 Subaru Impreza wagon, which I purchased used in 2005 (the dealer mainly dealt in Saabs, hence the license plate). If you've seen a Subaru commercial in the last year or so, you know their tagline these days is "love." And if you've never owned a Subaru, you'll probably think that sounds pretty silly. But I am being genuinely honest when I say I loved this car - not in the dispassionate sense that people "love" to fly, or go fishing, but as family. It was my four-wheeled friend, a machine I bonded with on a level usually reserved for pets.
    Which is not to say Chase was without problems. In the winter of 2009, a particularly cold night (and my own general ignorance) allowed the radiator to freeze up. I noticed something was off when I attempted to go to work the following day, but it wasn't until I tried merging onto the highway and saw white smoke billowing from the hood that I realized how bad things were - the engine temperature had spiked, and I'd blown the head gasket. This was shortly after I'd finished paying it off and the car was mine, title and all. So of course, I was none too eager to part with my car.
    A $3,000 loan and a week later, Chase was back on the road. In retrospect, it may have been wiser to get a new car instead, but... mine.
    A litany of other problems followed through the years:
    -Bad wheel bearing (right rear). This was replaced about five times before the garage finally fixed it.
    -An oil leak which grew progressively worse. Finally got it fixed to the tune of around $1200. Tip: never take your car to Firestone. They overcharge on everything and will do their damnedest to convince you your car needs a dozen other things besides what you take it in for.
    -Ever-growing patches of rust behind the rear fender. A plague that afflicts most Imprezas I've seen out here.
    -Mis-sized brakes. My car was... weird. Whatever brake-pad size is listed for a 2.2L Impreza wagon? Yeah, mine took the other size. Caused a little trouble with the auto-part stores before we (my dad & I) realized my car was just strange that way.
    -Faulty air sensor. Car would sputter, cough, and die at random, or refuse to start up. Another couple-hundred to fix.
    And despite it all, I'd have kept that car going even today were it not for the final nail in the coffin.
    Down the road, about a half-mile from my house, the dirt road crosses through a swamp. There are no guard rails here, just a raised path of dirt wide enough for a vehicle, and bog water on either side. One fateful day on my way to work, I took my eyes off the road to change radio stations, drifted a bit to the right, and an instant later saw a large murky splash as the car left the road and tipped sideways into the swamp.
    Even then, poor waterlogged Chase may have been salvageable, but for the tow driver instructing me to put it in park as he hauled it out - and then neglecting to set it back in neutral before dragging it that half-mile back up to the house. A flooded engine is bad enough, but a destroyed transmission on top of that...? There was no coming back from that - my car died that day.

    Rust in peace, Chase. I miss you. :(

    EDIT: It bears mentioning that hitting the water is the single most traumatic thing to happen to me in recent memory. Two years later I am still nervous as hell passing through that section of the swamp, or driving near water in general.
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  7. When I was about four years old, my mum owned a pretty nice car that I liked the look of. It was the first car I ever liked, and I can't even remember what it looked like - it was a Ford. Probably a Ford Mondeo. I'm assuming it was a 2004 model, which would fit with the time-frame (I was 4 in 2004, lel). I went in it one day after arguing with my mum, probably over a toy or something, and she got out to go put stuff back in the house.

    I think I smashed the rearview mirror, broke a few pedals, bit the wheel and broke the seats in some way or another. I probably messed with the heating, too. I'm not exactly sure what I done, but whatever I did it led my mum to having a fit at herself and buying a new car a few days later ('another' Mondeo, which she had until 2009 after its exhaust broke down, its heating messed up and it failed its MOT). I know it was me who did something, but I'm not sure what. She never even suspected me.

    Eleven years later, I still haven't claimed responsibility for what I did :rolleyes:. Partly because there's no point, I don't know what I actually did, and I only vaguely remember it.

    I think it looked like that. Might have been one of the 2000+ - pre-2004 models. They all look like pretty fit cars though :p
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  8. I will be serious this time...

    So, to start off- I know NOTHING about cars. I would like to learn one day.

    One of my very good xbox friends whom I have known for 5 years now- talked about the 350z briefly. He laughed when I asked what a 350z was :rolleyes:. Anyway, ever since he talked about it, I decided that the 350z will be my dream car- it is no lambo but that brief memory of him speaking about it made me want one.

    2014 Nissan 370Z in red. I would LOVE a lime green car but I think that it would look kind of stupid on the road...
    Anyways, that is my more serious post...
  9. Subarus are really nice, especially the Imprezas. You're right, you can bond with a car, you said you loved your car. You bonded with that car... It can be your pride and joy, something much more than just a metal box that gets your from A to B. Cars may have their fair deal of problems and all, but there's something about them that you can't deny. Despite all of the money and things you mentioned about the car, you still say that you love it. You're definitely "Car Love Thread" approved! Man, I need to get myself an Impreza myself one day. Maybe one of the bug eye ones but with the modified headlights. Easier to show with a picture, here:

    Ahh the good ol' Mondeo! My dad had a '99 Mondeo. I was never keen to say I liked it, but now that it's gone, I've got to say, I guess I kind of did like it. Of course, the car we have now I like too! Maybe it wasn't majestic, but I suppose it was to me. Here's a picture of my dad's Mondeo (shortly before selling it :():
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  10. The Tesla (Model S, in this case). Look at that sexy beast. And it's electric, too. I must has!

  11. Does this count as a "car" :p
  12. Nissan have churned out some beautiful cars. Nissan Skyline, Nissan GTR, Nissan Fairlady. Then they made the Nissan Leaf... Let's not get into that. The Fairlady 350Z is a nice car, there's one in my area and it's modified, you can tell the guy loves it. Accelerates LOUD down the straight going through town. Very nice exhaust system, likely aftermarket, but it's still a great car! :D Personally, my favourite Fairlady is the 300ZX. I suppose that means nothing to you, but here's a picture anyway, it's a lovely car (still doesn't beat any of the Skylines though):
  13. Ahh, the Tesla! The Model S, expensive, but I suppose that's a part of what many nice cars are... I wouldn't personally want one, but they are great cars! :D
    Ford F150 SVT Raptor? A true beast. Love that thing! If only we had them in Europe...
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  14. Next up on The Car Love Thread... We have the MG Midget! The MG Midget is a small, classic sports car, but it was cheaper than many top end cars back then because it had smaller 1L up to 1.5L engines, which made them the cute little sports car that people wanted and could afford. My dad had one of these as his second car, and although it was a pain sometimes, he always loved that car. He sold it in the '90s as he had to move on to a four door and four seat car, but I have pictures of his very one on my wall even so. I even have the "MG Club" badge he had on the front of it on my desk. The badge isn't as good as it was when it was new but I still love it because of its meaning, the same feeling my dad may have had with the car when he had it. Here's a picture of an MG Midget for you all, it's not my dad's but it is similar (just a different colour and doesn't have Midget written on the side skirt):
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  15. Tank.png The thing about owning this car is whenever you ask people for their car they give it to you for some reason, so this includes all the cars! :D

    I don't really own this
  16. Tanks are cool too. The Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger though :rolleyes: The Tiger was a masterpiece. It may had been great but it couldn't beat the sheer numbers of Shermans in WW2 though!
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  17. The Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 is the BEST CAR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. The latest ones? They are true beasts! I personally like the look of the new Shelby GT350s too!
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  19. This is my car. 2000 Mercedes CLK320. This one looks a little funny because I found the image on Google, but it's almost identical to mine. I've liked this type of car for a while and recently found one for sale with Bluetooth and a massive subwoofer, so I snatched it up. :D
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