The Annoyance Thread

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  1. I'm pretty bored, and I couldn't find a thread like this, so I'll make one. The point of this thread is simple, what really annoys you? What just gets you sorta upset or angry when you see it, or whatever it does? I'll start:

    I can't stand YOLO, it just kills me. I'm generally tolerant and accepting, but I see you as having some sort of mental deficiency if you post tweets with #YOLO often. Don't let me see anything you post if it has YOLO. I will judge. Depending on my mood, I'll just mutter about how little sense it makes, or wish I could punch you in the face until it causes nuclear fusion (But if I'm thinking that, I'm probably having a bad day anyway...).

    So, what really annoys you guys?
  2. People who in every sentence have a XD or xD and the worst x3.
  3. I'm not familiar with x3...
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  5. :rolleyes:
  6. You are the luckiest person alive.
  7. I love babies and want my own BUT, my sister's friend had a baby their senior year of school and she posts pictures constantly on facebook. I log in and see what feels like 300 pictures of this kid's face all the time. "OH MAI GAWD SHE SMILED!" "OH MAH GAWD SHE JUST WOKE UP" "OH MAH GAWD SHE BURPED!" and they'll be just minutes apart. I'm not all "EWW KIDS!" Batmeghs posts pictures of her little boy and I have no objection.


    Those images people share that say "For every like/email the family of this dieing child will get 3cents"

    The idiots who believe rumors and don't read. Someone made a "RIP MORGAN FREEMAN" page and tons of us were telling how it was fake but people still posted how it was sad and he was such a great actor.

    Overly Religious people.
  8. IRL: any music in same genre as beaver and many directions
    How some youngins despect their elders and have a tongue like a sailor
    Politics in general

    EM: how some people have rage fits about EMC while person or group of people are recoding it FOR FREE and taking time out of their life's to do it.
    All x-rayers & Greifers in General
    Oo and beggars

  9. I'm also annoyed by Facebook and Twitter themselves. I will always feel that social networking sites are where idiots go to find out who's the stupidest. And everyone wins.
  10. That's going to be my phone in couple of months about 20 or more pics of the baby lol
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  11. lol I don't mind but she doesn't post anything but pictures of her baby and floods my newsfeed.

    Another I just thought of: People who will post something in a thread and then sign their name as if we can't see it right there next to their post.
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  12. What really ticks me off is when someone judges someone else based on their religion/gender peferance/race, etc.
    I mean, I know it happens all the time but I just hate it when people judge! They don't know that person enough to judge them anyways. I know it may sound nïeve coming from a fifteen year old, but how would it make the person feel if they were being hate on for something that they do or liked? There was this quote that someone said on twitter {Gah forgot who they were!} that said "Claiming that someone else's marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you're on a diet." I think that it's true with some cases.

    I don't know, that's what preety much annoys me on a daily basis. :I {By the way, please don't reply to this if you don't like it. I don't want to be flamed for speaking my mind, thanks.}

    {Edit: And what else preety much ticks me off is politics and people who don't understand the difference between "Then" and "Than"... Argh! My ex did that all the time! >.<
  13. haha she prolly will but not as intense. This first Grandkid so yea and I don't want little Dwight5273's running around right now lol
  14. Maybe I should count myself lucky that as I get older, I fall further and further out of the loop. I'd never heard of YOLO before (I also refuse to use twitter and avoid it completely), until I looked it up just now. Urban Dictionary's definition sums it up perfectly for me: carpe diem for stupid people.

    Also, people saying text/chat acronyms out loud. Like "LOL", not pronouncing it like 'lawl' but actually saying the letters.

    Elle oh eElle
    Oh em gee
    Tea tea why Elle

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  15. Two more annoyances: Those who hate something out of misinformation, if there's something I hate and/or dislike out of misinformation, I apologize.
    I also dislike when books pronounce the acronyms, I don't talk when I read, so it get's quite hard to read .
    I understand those, but this was sorta hard.
    Eem Vee three one seven, or something much more confusing, I don't remember.
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  16. I don't know why books need to pronounce acronyms either. Especially within dialogue. If it's an acronym, just use the acronym or even separate the letters with periods. I think people are smart enough to know when a character in a book is saying an acronym.
  17. This, this, a trillion times, this!

    I happen to be 35, that is far from nïeve, quite the opposite in fact.
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  18. People who say they have swag all the time, little do they know, swag used to mean a homosexual man who still hasn't came out yet, or from what I know.
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  19. People who beg for rupees and items. People that constantly say "Does anyone sell ------!!!!!!" People that dont read the EMC guide. People who ask the same question over and over when someone already answered it. People who get in your way while you build. People who dont stop talking to you.

    EDIT: People who dont read signs that direct you and that has info on them. Oh i hate the SO much.
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