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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by prof_genius, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Did u ever see a senior staff or admin giving someone bedrock, and if u ask the user were he got it he says a senior staff but he will only give it to me cuz im special there are real words said by a user. i this the bedrock giving should be banned because its not fair how 1 user gets berdrock and the other dosent. Any ideas post them.
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  2. I've never seen anybody getting bedrock... What server did this happen on?
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  3. I think you're right. Why should one person get something that exclusive? And it also supports arrogance(the I'm special).
  4. all the servers one shop has 3 bedrock i forgot were it was i think smp 8
  5. One user was given a couple of bits of bedrock, to display their dragon egg on.

    No big deal.

  6. If you spend 2 million rupees on a dragon egg you deserve a bedrock block.
  7. to dispay a dragon egg ok, one user has some to brag about there shop
  8. yes, He didnt tell us the whole story
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  9. Oh gosh. I have already had this discussion with Shaun and ICC. Nobody will get bedrock unless a pedistoool for their Dragon Egg. I haev asked before to have bedrock. its NO big deal.

    Why do you even need bedrock Nick? *noreason*
  10. bragging about bedrock? You have 3600 pieces in your residence, below the dirt.
  11. "Hey Icc can I has some bedrock?"
    "Do you have a dragon egg?"
    "No :("
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  12. Check out 201 on SMP1 Empireminecast has bedrock.
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  13. What is so great about Bedrock? Does nothing but sit there and is unbreakable, gets in the way, etc. This is why the mods used it on SMP5 for the mob arena they did in the wild. Using it for an egg I can see. I don't get how they could brag about it in the shop?
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  14. I agree, dragon egg or no dragon egg, I don't think anyone should be allowed it because:
    a) it's not vanilla
    b) it's not fair on other users
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  15. Donated by justin they are special because they do extra things to help the empire.
  16. It's not vanilla? Most servers I have been in have bedrock....I have also dug to bedrock in my SSP.
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  17. It's not vanilla because you can't get it in survival without using a mod.
  18. Oh. Ok, now I get what you mean xD.
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  19. but i dont mean to dispay a dragon egg some shops have bedraock and the adds are ''come and see real bedrock if u buy 2 items'' i remember a user saying that and there was real bedrock
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