Thank YOU EMC community for being totally awesome!

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  1. Can lightning strike twice? It seems that it can on EMC and there wasn't even a Senior Staffer involved either! (just joking a little there: the senior staff likes to have fun too so sometimes they zap a few players while they're in town. Which then often results in people wondering in town chat: "thunder in town? how did that happen?").

    And as we all know: Where there is not light(ning?), there can spider! (just popped up when I started Minecraft, I thought it was funny too) :D

    Ok, enough nonsense ;)

    As usual Aya's pictures are much better than mine ;)

    Today I received my appreciation award for winning the community appreciation contest and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you guys for making this possible. You guys, all of you, are just totally awesome! Because YOU (we ;)) all together make this community as enjoyable as it is. And its that enjoyability which makes me do what I do...

    I never expected to win the first award, also because I had just won the Good Samaritan award back then (an event organized by Olaf_C and Hashhog). But I also honestly never expected to win this award twice. It somewhat left me lost for words :eek:

    Figured I'd share the awesomeness a bit ;)

    So now I have 2 community defender swords. Yeah, but here's the thing: there are some items in the game which I'd never sell or give away "just like that" because they also hold some emotional value for me. And event awards like these are most definitely part of that!

    But having that out of the way its also fair to say that I couldn't have done some of the things I did without a little help from my alter-ego AyanamiKun ;) The fantasy story is one example, but indirectly "she" has also helped me plenty of times checking up on things for the wiki (to verify some information and commands), trying to re-produce possible bugs, etc, etc. So yeah, my 2nd community defender goes out to her ;)

    I'll bet I'm one of the very few who'd make such a spectacle out of giving an item to his alt, but hey! :)


    There's going to be a celebration alright. I'm now finally making some real progress on my upcoming treasure hunt. As was to be expected I'm going to combine Aya's 1 year anniversary with mine (even though I'm almost half a year overdue with that) and hopefully its going to be a really special and enjoyable event.

    As some of you know I'm not particular good at organizing such events (just look at that delay of mine) but you can rest assured that I'm giving this my best!

    But yeah.. bottom line... thanks again you guys! It really means a lot to me.

    Sincerely, Peter aka ShelLuser aka AyanamiKun aka GripCEO.
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  2. Well deserved in my opinion :)
  3. You Truely Deserved It Congratulations ShelLuser! :)
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  4. Huh, I thought I put "Anybody but ShelLuser" for one of my votes. :p
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  5. Wait your name's Peter or did you just put that?
  6. My real name is Peter, yeah. I sometimes use that explicitly in a signature whenever I'm commenting on something which means a little more to me personally.
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  7. "Kind regards, Peter" has been part of his signature for awhile now.

    As I said before, I'd have voted for you Shel, but I never saw it until it was too late. You are a very helpful, kind & active individual (? Not sure you qualify as an individual with multiple alts ;)) both in game and on the forum. I don't care at all that you have multiple alts. Up to you if you choose to make them secret or public. Part of an online community is anonymity.

    That being said, all the recent "jokes" about GRIP being a scam have me concerned. If this is your way of trying to advertise or gain recognition for GRIP, it is in my opinion a poor choice. If the scam turns out to be true, I shall cease to respect or trust you at all. That worries me, because aside from staff members, you had become one of the most respected members of EMC for me. Only time will reveal the truth, and perhaps we may never truly know. All this has achieved in my opinion is trepidation and a fluctuation in trust.
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  8. Sorry late post. I started it before you posted, but was getting the kids ready for school so it took almost 30 min before I finished it.
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  9. HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!(Fireworks) Good Job ShelLuser!
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  10. Grats again, definitely well deserved. :)
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  11. Congratulations Peter :) There isn't anyone who deserved it more that you :)
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  12. Congrats ShelLuser you deserve it no doubt :)
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  13. 1st & only bump ;)

  14. “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.”
    Ronald Reagan
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  15. Congrats!! We appreciate you.
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  16. Your always helping people and always friendly and happy to all. Well deserved!
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  17. Congratz Again! I'm also working on a chest hunt with a bunch of other players. Its going to be a big one in August. I hope yours goes well. :)
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  18. Nooo, the red text appeared! It isn't fair, this thread was only active during my Rome time! ;)
    Anyway: it might not be so weird that you won it again, actually. I mean, something like this does make you slightly more known, and since the last one, you haven't done anything that should've made people lose respect for you, so... I think this could become a trend ;)
    Also: the event. Did that happen already, or is it still planned?
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  19. Blame the Romans! :D

    It is still planned ;) Shorly after this post I got disconnected again and as such had to postpone some plans yet again. However, this time I got some more guarantees about my Internet connection, I've even been upgraded to the IPv6 standard, so I should be able to work things out.

    The only (small!) problem is that I have less time available during the week (also because of a new part-time side-job I took on) and thus I have to split my time into playing, my blog & wiki activities (there's a wiki page which I wanted to finish last month! :eek: So I'm determined to finish that this week) and the event itself of course.
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