Empire Community Appreciation Awards: July - December 2015

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  1. EMC Community Appreciation Award Nominations for the period of July 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015 are now open! Nominations close March 15th.

    Nominate someone now at: emc.gs/nominate or click HERE!

    What is this Award?

    How it works
    • Each "round" has a span of 6 months, more or less. During this time players can build up their respect in the community, skills and just generally help out EMC.
    • Players can nominate those that have proved to be what we're looking for at the end of the round to put them up to win a rupees prize and a unique EMC item.
    • The players with nominations are then looked at by the staff and whoever deserves the awards will win them (2-4 players).
    • Prizes: Special awards and 10,000r to a random nominator.
    How you can earn respect and possibly be nominated in future rounds
    • Being polite, respectful and well mannered
    • Involving yourself in the community
      • Thoughtful and attentive posts on the forums
      • Suggesting what you consider to be good ideas
      • Contributing to and creating discussions and debates - being respectful whilst doing so.
    • Helping all players, new and old, banned and active.
    • Showing inituative and organising fun, well planned events and contests
    • Helping promote/others promote EMC
    Spamming the forums, donating/giving away rupees, being active and the like, although it may win nominations, won't win you any awards. This is not a popularity contest. Asking people to nominate you or doing it for yourself will result in you being banned from any future appreciation rounds.
  2. Awesome! I know who I'm voting for ^o^
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  3. Time to appreciate!
  4. Cool! I'm not really up for trying to get nominations, I just want the person I'm about to vote for to win.
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  5. Cool, this is still a thing then? ;) Last time I more or less ignored the whole thing and it blew up on me because yah..

    So as a former winner I'd like to wish all contenders who get nominated all the best! I like it that no one knows who is going to be nominated and has a chance to win. I also know a few names who I'm going to nominate, even if they might not agree with it :)

    Thanks for doing this again Kryssyyy & staff! :)
  6. Can a staff member be voted for? There's a moderator who's been super awesome and helped me out a lot. Granted, all the staff I've dealt with has been great, but this one in particular has stood out to me.
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  7. I nominated my 2 most favorite people on EMC
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  8. Nice to see this back again, there's so many people that deserve it though! I'll have to get my thinking hat on and send in my submission soon :rolleyes:
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  9. You
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  10. Yes they can indeed. Last time a staff member was even amongst the winners. So go right ahead. I'm not sure about senior staff, but moderators are basically regular players who can (and should!) be included here also :)
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  11. I love all these little things that happen.

    These are the things that remind me that this is a community.

    Tank you Krysyy and staff for organizing it and thanks to the people of EMC for their involvement because an event is only as good as the people who attend it make it to be.

    everyone get involved!
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  12. Aw thank you :3 You're so kind. I guess I'll think about returning the favour
  13. This is great! can I nominate myself? :D
  14. EMC just gets cooler and cooler!
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  15. Sweet. :D
  16. I'd never vote for myself! lol you should know that :p
    There's far to many other players who are a lot more involved in the community.
    I try to be the best I can with the time I have available, but there are far more deserving players on EMC ^o^
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  17. 2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate?

    Erm me? :p
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  18. I can't wait to get nominating! There are so many people in this community that deserve this award; it will be tough picking just two. :) Time to get searching for the golden two this month... this won't be an easy decision, but that makes me happy; that just means there are a ton of awesome players to choose from.

    Also, PLEASE do not nominate me! Krysyy, I'd like to request any nominations for me to be withdrawn from the tally-up (ha ha, Kephras, stealin' your moves!), if you don't mind. While I appreciate the thought, I have won in the past, and I don't want to be taking nominations away from other, more deserving players. :) There are many, many out there who deserve to win this more than I.

    Above statement redacted due to Shel being Shel below, lol. Instead, I present you with a list of reasons to nominate other people:
    1. I hog all the hash. That's right, you don't get any.
    2. Unlike 58% of our members, I smell like hydrangeas, not roses.
    3. Again, I've won in the past. Others haven't.
    4. I have to say "Whoops" in chat for various reasons 289,191 times a day.
    5. I'm a lazy bum who is late on all his projects. :rolleyes: (I'm working on them, though!)
    6. My name has a double-H in it, which is just strange.
    7. My skin is a creepy fish person.
    8. Each and every one of you is special, and each and every one of you deserves to win. I want as many of you to win as possible!

  19. Although I do respect your opinion on this matter I also would like to ask you to reconsider. And trust me: I've been here as well.

    Here's the thing: this award isn't only about you, it's also about all those players who feel the need to "do" something back in return. You may feel that this isn't needed, but what about those players who want you to have your moment and enjoy it?

    This is a double edged sword my friend...
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