[Suggestion] Token rewards other than mob killing.

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  1. Currently the token system is mainly one sided where mob and Mini boss hunters get much more rewards than the average player who simply relies on vote bonus tokens as their token income.

    Sure the group mining and hunting token bonus are good for people that like going mining and adventuring together but some people like being hermits. By some I mean me and maybe a few others :)

    My suggestion is that players start getting tokens rewards just by being online and playing EMC maybe like 10 tokens per hour. (Theres a catch though when your player goes to away mode you stop getting tokens). I think that would be fair to player who just play to play.

    If anyone has more suggestions I will add them to the OP.
  2. Maybe have a log in bonus? like the first day its 10 tokens per hour, 2nd day its 11 tokens, and so on up to 2o tokens per hour
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  3. Tokens are ment to be a player run economy. it is easy to get from voting..... for example I have 70k tokens from 128 bonus. and then you can get them from killing custom mobs, IMO if they did this it would destroy the economy for tokens. It is fine the way it is....

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  4. Maybe random token bonuses for breeding cows or chopping 10,000 Logs or something. Townies need a bonus too!
  5. No, you don't, lol. I have about 65k tokens, and I'm just under bonus 300...
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  6. Mhmm. Voting is not the ideal method of acquiring tokens. And finch certainly did not acquire that all from voting, especially with that bonus count.
  7. That's true, it is easy to get 70 k tokens. But seeing as how land claiming will use the token system, some of us are worried that our already established outposts will cost much more than that. I have probably spent 1000 + hours building in the frontier, gathering materials, and yes, even autofarming materials. Why should someone who runs around chasing mobs have an advantage protecting their land over me? That is why token payment should be based on active playing time as opposed to just killing mobs. Minecraft is a sandbox game, with multiple playing styles. That is how the game is intended to be played. Why should only the combat side of it be rewarded? It is every bit as challenging to build a large autofarm or outpost as it is to kill a momentus.
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  8. I don't really like the idea. Its been my impression so far that tokens are a separate and personal currency specifically used to stimulate going out of town to adventure. And during those adventures you're bound to come into contact with custom mobs which can earn you tokens.

    Sure; the whole idea behind custom mobs (mini bosses) is team work, but that doesn't mean that you can't slay them on your own. Same with enraged mobs; killing an enraged mob more or less equals several days worth of voting.

    Although I like teaming up with friends I usually mine and explore alone, which includes fighting mobs. And in the past year I managed to acquire 122k tokens (which includes 2 or 3 biome changes) so I can't help think that earning tokens should be doable, even on your own.

    As to land claiming: I can't help wonder... If you're out there building and expanding your outpost then surely you'll run into several activities which are bound to earn you tokens? Mini bosses will definitely spawn, if you're together with others (which IMO would be the main drive for an outpost) then you even get tokens for group activities. And if you then add it all up....

    This is the part I'm unsure about right now but I get the idea that the intent is to balance that part out. So making sure that the tokens which you earn during your "outpost build up" should be sufficient to protect (parts of) your land. More people means more ground to cover which means that pooling tokens might be a useful thing (outpost members could donate tokens to the outpost for extended protection).

    I can't help think that some kind of automated system would somewhat go against the whole idea of stimulating people to get outside of town more often.
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  9. Tokens are meant as rewards for Players completing certain tasks. Tasks such as voting, killing enraged mobs and mini-bosses as well as activities like group mining and hunting. Tokens are also awarded for event winners (Mobarena and Firefloor to name two)

    To make it random or automatic to get tokens would take away the reward aspect of them and cheapen the meaning.

    So basically, if you want more tokens, get out and kill some mobs, join a hunting / mining group or play Mobarena / Firefloor. Save all that; Vote ;)
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  10. I vote for achievements (EMC unique) to give tokens.
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  11. I'm usually by myself at my outpost as well. I like it that way. I guess getting a bonus for that would be cool but not sure it's needed. I've been here a year and have saved up over 230k tokens (+ whatever the Avalauncher cost). When not in the nether I almost always have enraged mobs & bosses turned on and on diff 7. As soon as I see one, I kill it. (Except Marlix.. hate that thing) I'm someone that sets up my outpost so that nothing spawns in certain areas and still have been able to get some good tokens.
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  12. I do agree that other activities should reward you tokens, so that people who don't enjoy fighting mobs can get their share too. But I certainly don't agree with people being able to get free rupees just for staying in game or logging in.

    Maybe other staff hosted events could give out a small sum of rupees (1 day worth of voting or less) to everyone who participates and a higher amount to those who win - this way we know that the player was not just afking for rupees. Other than that, there could be a system where outstanding buildings in town get you some sort of reward? I didn't give it much thought but it would make sense for great builders - the ones who make our towns look so cool - to get some out of their work too.

    I'm not saying that we should give as much rupees to these players as we do to mob hunters, that would be too OP IMO. But, if we'll be requiring absurd amounts of rupees to protect our outposts, the least we can do is start rewarding other kinds of activities other than just hunting (specially now that finding mini bosses and enraged mobs is 10x harder).
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  13. I like the idea but I don't think it would be a good idea to get tokens by just playing. You should have to work for tokens. I like what roslyn said, getting bonuses for chopping trees or breeding cows. That way you can't just punch a block every 10 minutes to keep from going afk.
  14. I'll look into researching a possible and FAIR way of allotting tokens to the Townies that is not able to be farmed or achieved without significant effort. Voting is still a very easy method in the meantime.

    I do not believe that it is in our best interest to go off of time logged in. There are still a lot of ways to bypass the afk system that would create a token farm, something we are NOT going to allow because it would decrease the value overall.
  15. I like the current token system where you have to actually earn them. I don't think just being in game or chopping down wood is something that should be rewarded with tokens. I'm someone that enjoys killing mobs but I don't do it that much on emc and I've still earned 176k tokens with avalauncher purchases last year and multiple biome changes. I don't think it's that difficult at all.
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  16. I would have to politely disagree because, A) Tokens are supposed to be a chalange to aquire, and B) because tokens are supposed to be a rare and valuable currency, because you will eventually be able to claim land, dragon tombs, etc... Because of those reasons, I feel that the system is ok and almost perfect, the way it is!

    I also disagree with this. If tokens are supposed to be rare (which they are) then why would you get rewarded for sitting around hanging out, not earning a single bit of the tokens you would get.
    Voting and killing mobs is a great way of making/getting/earning tokens. I either kill mobs or vote for my tokens. I think it would be a cool way to get tokens, but so easy to farm them! Maybe if it was how many blocks you place or such, (wouldn't work can farm that too! Maybe a system with how much time you spend in frontier, or build in frontier. But as the way it is stated in the OP I do not think this will work because of people would farm tokens.
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  17. I have over 216k tokens. and I'm only at 398 vote bonus
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  18. I agree with most of what your saying Socks, but where myself and some others disagree is on the fact that you are using a "special" currency to pay for land claiming. I vote every day, and kill very few mobs. I have spent countless hours lighting caves, slabbing, and mob proofing my 3k x 3k outpost, not to mention the hours spent building the many auto farms there (all of which take exponentially more skill and time than killing enraged mobs). But will my 100 k tokens protect all that land? Have all those hours been worth nothing? We are concerned that tokens only reward mob hunters, and tokens pay for land protection. Land protection availability should be equal for all active members of emc, though it is heavily skewed toward mob hunters/farmers. And for all those who are concerned that people would find a way to farm tokens, where have you been? It's quite easy to farm enraged mobs already, and I know a fair amount of people who are actively doing it now. If tokens will buy protection from griefing, then tokens should be rewarded for all active players on emc. If Emc is going to reward combat so heavily, why not turn pvp on for everyone?
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  19. How? I mean, I believe since the last mob related update you can't have more than one enraged mob of each kind (a creeper, a zombie and a skelleton) inside a player's spawning range. Mini bosses are also despawning now, very quickly, and with the current restrictions to their spawning I think it's impossible for a person to farm them as well.

    And that doesn't make any sense. What do you mean? :confused:
  20. you do, actually, they may have gotten their tokens from something else along with voting.. BUT i have 123,804 tokens and my voting bonus is at 482.. i am not a monster slayer at all... at least 99% of those with a small amount i actually got from killing things, which is EXTREMELY rare as i don't go to the wild much are strictly from voting.

    YES YES YES ^^^^^^
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