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  1. So my idea is - create a box on the website, in the sidebar, and allow people to promote forum threads there for a day/week/month, in exchange for paying a certain amount of rupees, with those paying the most rupees per day for a thread having their thread placed nearer the top of the list.

    It'll give people another option to promote threads rather than having to bump them regularly.

    Short of a command or something being provided in-game to automate the process, it could potentially be offered as part of Senior Staff services, with a minimum price threshold for purchasing ads in order to limit demand and make it worth the time of staff to process.

  2. This seems a little weird as it's kinda like ads and i personally hate ads so sry but -1 from me
  3. Hmm maby a fourm dedicated to that just filled with the adds?
  4. Seems like something that might be good but I will say -1 for like belac said it seems a bit similar to advertisements
  5. So what?

    I like the idea.
  6. The idea is that it'd be based on forum threads. We already have forums covering the main stuff people would want to advertise - auctions, malls, events and so on. But if folks want to promote a thread, they need to bump. This suggestion would involve creating a box in the sidebar with sponsored threads, and letting players pay rupees to place their thread on this list, with those paying the most rupees being placed highest.

    For those who 'don't like advertisements', in theory I believe browser adblockers could be used to remove the box when viewing the EMC website - but we're not talking about banner ads here (though that could be another possibility, albeit one which might require an even higher minimum price threshold) - we're talking about something that looks very much like the 'Recently Active Threads' box.
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  7. With this you are talking about making people pay ruppes to advertise something they could do for free thats kinda weird to me and if you do this maybe dont make another sidebar maybe just make another forum area for it but it is still kinda weird as you can already do this for free
  8. People paying for sponsored posts would be paying for the convenience of not having to bump a thread regularly, and also for a relatively stable slot in the 'Sponsored Threads' box, which would be more persistent than a thread in the 'Recently Active Threads' box, which may fall off that list much more quickly.

    Also, personally I'd place the 'Sponsored Threads' box above the 'Recently Active Threads' box, so as to make it more noticeable.
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  9. Honestly i don't like it and also how would you go about it if 300 people wanna buy a spot we cant have a 300 person long list at that point it's easier to bump the thread for free than have your name on a 300 name long list
  10. That problem is fairly easily solved. You limit the length of the list, to maybe 10 slots, and also establish a minimum price threshold. Staff could put out a thread requesting bids for the week/month. Then the ten highest bidders would get to each select one thread to put in their slot, ordered in descending order according to who bid the most rupees.

    That's probably the most straightforward way to do it. You could also allow for people to put in additional bids mid-way through a week or month, allowing them to displace people who currently have a slot (in which case they'd have part of their bid refunded to them), or allow people to place a bid to get a slot for a more limited time period (i.e. a day, or a few days) though that might complicate things somewhat.
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  11. Feel free to continue discussion, but staff aren't going to look at doing anything like this until forums are updated. That doesn't mean we will definitely. It means we aren't even going to discuss it until then.
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  12. The idea is quite interesting, but I feel as if it wouldn't work.
  13. Referencing this:
    I'd love to hear a time frame, as many suggestions have been temporarily put on mute until this "forum update" :)

    Merry Christmas as well Krysyy!
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  14. I like this idea.
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  15. This idea is definitely interesting and while I like it, I believe token should be used, not rupees. Of course the developers are working on their own way to use tokens, but just a thought. I am neutral :)
  16. Sounds like a cool idea! I thought it could maybe be a top front page post like was done for player hosted events a while ago. :)

    Please don't talk about the forum update, that might actually get them to do it and that would be bad. :p (genuinely, I don't want the forums to update :D)
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  17. Sounds a lot like those Lava walls that were once placed around wild spawn and player had to pay to travel out into the wild, If I remember correctly that's how that was being set up ;)
  18. I expect it to never happen, and I hope I'm right. :D
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  19. You guys realize this XF version is essentially from 2011, right? Its ancient compared to XF2... with the minor exception of the little update that was added a while back
  20. Yes. So? Just because it's old doesn't mean it's bad.
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