[Suggestion] for the halloween book authors

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  1. [The Problem:
    The idea behind the event was people would trade/loan books to each other so all players would have a chance to read the books but people are already stockpiling them as promos and buying them for as much as 7k per book (edit 11/1/15: now it's around 2.5k per book) making the likelihood of reading even a fraction of them without paying out a small fortune unlikely.
    My Suggestion:
    If any of the Halloween book authors still have a copy of their work I would suggest making copies of it and setting up a sell chest to distribute them or allow players to trade a book & quill for one. This would be potentially profitable for the authors as well as ensure that everyone has a chance to read their work.] I'm leaving this part up for historical context.

    Disclaimer: The list below has not been updated in while and some titles may no longer be available (sold out or author no longer distributing ) or the authors may have changed their method of distribution/price of their title. Proceed in your collecting carefully.

    Autumnrain26 (at cost; do not abuse)
    Carconductor (at cost; do not abuse)
    tuqueque (2k limited supply) (Edited by Baradar67 at tuqueque's request) (MissFable: it was price change)
    batroach (1r limited supply do not abuse)
    SunnyStorm7 (5or on smp8 /v 16693) (Added 2/7/16)
    Hashhog (175r SMP8 /v 16594) (Added 2/716)
    Trading: (Again this is old info so try to ask in person rather then mailing)

    Kephras (mail a book & quill)
    khixan (mail a book & quill)
    Torian42 (mail a book & quill)
    ShyGuyZaid (aka AussieZaid) (mail a book & quill)
    AverageWalrus (mail a book & quill)
    Pixel_Cat23 (mail a book & quill; make sure to say what the B&Q are for)
    Have Said No: They have that right. Do not bug these players about it!

    Let me know if any other authors are selling/trading and I will add them to the list.
    Please be patient with authors that are trading B&Q for copies it may take time for them to get a copy back to you.
    Please do not beg for copies; Book & quill's or the mats to make them are readily available at malls; it should not run you more 100r to get a B&Q; you can make 100r in less then 10min by shearing some wool or chopping a little wood to sell to a mall.
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  2. Great idea. Also please don't think my thread was to stockpile books. Since few are giving them away this was my optional way to get them. Shame that they couldn't have all been released as one set. Hard to pick a favorite when you can't have em all. I guess you have to judge a book by its cover.
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  3. If everyone owned them all, that's hardly a way to encourage sharing. The matter that people seem to think they are promos, when it is very clearly stated that they are not, is beyond me.
  4. Yups, can totally agree with this as I also saw it happening myself. I think it will become very hard to fairly determine a winner with this system in place.
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  5. Winner? There are no winners. This was a book sharing event. It's not a contest.
  6. Aah, then I stand corrected. Hmm, now I can't help wonder how on earth I got that idea in the first place...
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  7. That's the only reason I'm buying some of them. People are keeping them as promos and not sharing at all. A few of us on smp5 tried to each get a different one but still not nearly all of them. I will close my thread if this bothers people.
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  8. I think greed (malls can still argue that it was Halloween item even if it's not officially a promo) combined with a reflex reaction to the perceived rarity of the books (there are 32 books and each player can only have 1) is why this has happened.
    Personally I was hoping to set up a lending library but with the value of the books being artificially inflated so high means it's just not possible.
    I'm hoping if I can get enough of the authors to distribute more of their work the people stockpiling will stop or at the very least the market value will go down low enough that a regular player can afford it.
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  9. You are by no means the primary culprit; especially if you are following the spirit of the event and are allowing others to read them.
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  10. Some players try to make money out of this, agreed. But don't cut them all short yet.

    I can actually well understand that some players are trying their utmost best to get those books by buying them so that they can read and/or enjoy them later. For the simple reason that they're available now, and in a few months time it can become quite hard to obtain them.

    Also: not everyone enjoys books in the same way. I got Kephras' book myself, read a few pages, but I really need to be in a good mood for it. Also not get distracted with other things to do. My bet is that I'll have it read somewhere upcoming weekend. I'm not sure but I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't share / swap anymore next week.

    Problem being that even then I'm not sure I actually want to share it. This is not about me being selfish mind you, but I honestly enjoy a book more over time by re-reading. I pick it up again, I read some passages again to see if I got it right, I look into it again with another impression in mind, etc, etc.

    With that in mind I can well understand that some people will try very hard to get more books in their collection, even by paying. And once some people pay money, others will try to profit... I have to admit that I'm also most likely going to contact a few of the other authors directly next week to ask them for a copy, provided that sharing isn't an option anymore.
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  11. I agree with this and I'm not condemning the players that just want 1 copy of each (Note I said stockpiling in the OP and the greed comment was referring to those individuals) I'm blaming the people who are buying any and all books with the sole purpose of reselling. Personally I was planing to get a copy of each myself and set up library but that's not possible anymore:(. The only way to counteract whats happening is to get enough copies out that the re-sellers lose money.
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  12. If there was a way that we could distribute one copy of each book to each player WITHOUT making 30+ different /promo commands, then we likely would have. However, the only way to limit players to one each easily as of this moment is through the /promo system.

    I'm actually impressed with participation for this event, as it was kinda an off-the-wall idea of mine that I didn't know would work out quite as well as it did.
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  13. It's still a good event. I loved the idea when you put it up and still love it and I in no way think you or the staff involved in the event are in any way responsible for the the actions of other players.
    This thread is starting to go off the rails. I made this thread for the purpose of encouraging authors to distribute more if they can and informing players of which authors are making more available. Please keep the comment/discussions toward meeting this goal.
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  14. keph i sent you a book&quill xD
  15. I saw that you have already marked me as selling, the price is to offset the price of the ink and leather for the books, as I needed to purchase more of both when I started copying books... Below is a quote of my post with the location of the chest:

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  16. i have autumnrain26's, kephras's, and skyvdragon8's. now how do i get everyone else's? xD
  17. The problem is, so many people say they want to kee theirs and not let me read any of them, that's why I resorted to buying them, I know some members out there just want the money so I offered it. I asked in total about 15 people and one person let me read one
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  18. I wanted all so badly to read, but I must say I only have one :(
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  19. By any chance do we have a public library anywhere on EMC? The thought crossed my mind to offer book copies for a small fee or even (preferably) free, and have a book drop and book donations.
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  20. Arystina, talk to Kephras perhaps? He owns Tigers Text Bookstore.

    Also, same deal as Keph for me. Mail me a book & quill, and I'd be happy to send you a copy of Cold Storm Winds. Cheers all :)
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