[Suggestion] EMC Bill of Rights

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Should EMC have a Bill of rights for the EMC members

Yes 46 vote(s) 26.0%
No 131 vote(s) 74.0%
  1. Dear Empire Minecraft Administration,
    I have become extraordinarily concerned over the last few years with a few developments on EMC. One of them is that I feel as an EMC member that I do not have the rights to free speech, protest, or to address grievances. I feel that there is a culture of silencing and censoring opinions that would be otherwise critical of the current administration.

    In fear of even posting this thread, I believe that I don't have the right to even ask for rights without being banned. I therefore Implore and suggest that the EMC administration create a document that lists rights that all EMC members have. That we will be guaranteed the rights to address grievances, peaceful protests, and free speech. I believe this server was founded upon American Principles and therefore I implore the EMC administration to take this measure seriously. We don't want assurance, we want tangible evidence in the form of a document. Without these rights being given to me, I doubt I will be able to continue to live on EMC. I did not join this Server to give up my Constitutional rights.

    I don't wish to create any drama, but I believe this is now a necessity as I've seen numerous occurrences of abuses. Now this is not including those who incite riots, ect. This is only meant to protect peaceful protesters.

    We want a secured voice. We want to be assured equal treatment. We deserve our rights to be listed on a document, not just what we can't do, but what is explicitly protected.

    PLEASE EMC, Write it up, Show us that you are serious about this issue and will work to ensure we are all treated equally and fairly.

    And if me writing this post leads me to get banned for speaking out for my Rights then I'm truly disappointed in the state EMC is in. That you can be banned for demanding simple rights.
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  2. "Empire Minecraft" is a privately owned company, not a government or administration. Your rights as a player (and those the company reserves) are laid out in the Terms of Service.

  3. Wat. We have rights.

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  4. For reasons untold, I have taken the step and archived this page to preserve it in the case that it is locked and removed from the public view. This is a precautionary measure as I have seen uncomforting signs that have led me to believe that it will be removed. I am not particularly taking a side here, just taking steps to ensure the rights of a United States Citizen are preserved.

    I will not be posting the link here for reasons untold.
  5. Yes, but are you saying we have no say, that some of us who've spent 4 years on EMC, dedicating time and money to it. That we are not entitled to rights like free speech? or to protest? or address grievances?
    I thought this was an Empire after all, which is a form of government.
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  6. When you enforce laws you are acting as a governmental body, We don't want anything more then just a plain bill of rights that says we as EMC members don't relinquish our Constitutional rights at the keyboard.
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  7. I don't really argee with you, firstly only because you're using a huge front, caps in the title, I actually stopped reading because I thought you were jelling at me, please, be calm, you don't have to be quied to be calm ;) And second (the most importand) Why would we need a bill of rights? You may do everything that isn't forbidden in the emc rules, or the general law (of the United states, for you) I don't know why your rights should be listed, or mine, I haven't ever have an issue with staff, and, reading your post, I would understand why you would be, you are saying you don't want drama, but you are actually asking for drama. As long as your own freedom doesn't hinder others, nobodey says annything, but when it does...
  8. Exactly correct.
    To better illustrate:

    You are not entitled to anything, and the company reserves the right (if deemed necessary) to terminate your service at any time.
    That being said, it is of course in the company's own best interest to try and resolve disputes fairly and transparently. I don't know what sparked this - frankly I don't even care - and if you check my post history you'll see I've had my own issues with EMC leadership over the years. I'm simply pointing out key distinctions in the hope that you'll realize what you're asking for is both ludicrously misapplied, and already provided for (to the extent it will be) in the link I first provided.
    Bottom line, EMC isn't a political organization and not subject to your attempted application of political standards.
    No, this is a Minecraft Server which happens to bear the name "Empire" Minecraft. Kind of like how Burger King isn't actually the king of anything.
  9. Empire Minecraft is a game, owned by aikar we do not need a bill of rights, we can already suggest, complain, recommend and appeal to bans if need be which is far more than enough.
  10. Minecraft is owned by Mojang, Empire Minecraft is owned by Aikar. Need some coffee for this time?
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  11. Just a quick question, who is "we"?
  12. We = Every player that has every joined, is currently playing, and will ever join the Empire Minecraft Server
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  13. Just because you might feel like the Terms and conditions provide for all of this. I have seen people protest EMC staff and demand specific grievances be made and then watched them be banned, muted, or told to "drop it", I have personally seen specific staff members use other members and then not give credit to them where due. None of that was mentioned in the terms and conditions. I would also state I am deeply hurt by your treatment towards me. Especially as a member of the contribution team. I would like to also note that it feels as if Kephras, you're bullying me. You've made it clear you don't care about my concerns, you don't care about a veteran members feelings. Instead you've tried to belittle them instead of being more sympathetic. I am truly hurt, for a simple demand you've shown me Extreme resentment. I would also note, Bullying is against the Terms of service.
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  14. I meant empire miencraft, just forgot to put the empire before
  15. ill put this thread under #4 for the longest giggles ive had on emc
  16. Please remove the bold attribute from your post so we can read and re-read it more easily.

    What you are asking for is a social contract / community contract - a written commitment of EMC owner, Aikar, to value and respect the community and all its members and grant the community and the members some rights on EMC.

    He is not forced to do it as other point out, but he is well advised to do it to really have a better server and better community than most of other servers.

    The community can help Aikar by proposing and discussing parts of this social contract.

    If the majority of the community can agree on a core of such document, I'm quite sure that Aikar will support that development and agree as well. The best part and the most important part of EMC is the community. Anything that makes it better helps EMC.

    Please edit your post so that it doesn't sound like Aikar would be bound by law to respect any (human) rights of the members, but that he can do this out of free will and recognition of the EMC community, out of his own interest to have one of the best MC servers.

    (PS: Aikar would be bound by law to respect human rights in Europe, but I'm not sure about the same in Texas. :))
  17. I am sorry if some people found my concern so hilarious. As if I would take the time at 2:00am to write this post if it wasn't justified. I'm so deeply hurt by the fact that such a simple accommodation to the Terms of Service or in the form of a bill of rights is a joke. It's good to know. I'm just so thoroughly disappointed.
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  18. I revise my earlier demand and accept this compromise and I fully support these comments above and will use for the bases of any further debate.
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  19. Don't be.
    Basically, you're asking for a very good thing that would be very good for EMC.

    Just edit your post, replace DEMAND with suggest and check the overall tone.

    If you can invest your time and energy and get something going here, the community will be thankful for a very long time, despite of all pessimist nay-sayers here in the thread.
  20. Thank you :) honestly