[Suggestion] Beacon Boundaries in Town

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  1. I am suggesting the idea of limiting beacon buffs to the boundaries of the residence it is on.

    There have been times where I have been building on my res, getting into a rhythm and then having it disrupted with the neighboring residences beacon buffs, mainly speed. Causing me to misplace blocks and then having to use tools I would not have otherwise used for that particular task.

    Please state whether you agree with this idea or not, and if not please explain why you think it is a bad idea.
  2. You could simply ask the beacon owner to relocate it so it doesn't effect your res
  3. I see no reason why a residence owner should have to move their beacon just because it is a burden to someone else.
  4. If it is a hindrance to you then that is reason enough, I've moved my beacons so that it wouldn't effect my neighbor because he asked if i would.
  5. I don't believe that is a good reason, especially when the placement of a beacon is part of the design of their residence.
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  6. If it is part of the design then the affect of the beacon is secondary really. You could ask that the affect be changed. :)
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  8. I think there should be a flag on your residence to turn beacon effects off
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  9. Its not really possible because of how beacons work, which is why i always recommend the op of these threads start a discussion with the beacon owner about it. :)
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  10. Effect not affect.

    What if the design of the res includes a certain beacon buff? Like for a parkour residence. Also what if the residence owner hasn't been on in a while and can't be reached to change the beacon buff?
  11. This would only work for some people, I still use beacon buffs on my own res Jump/Haste. So having a flag would disrupt that.
  12. Well, because the way the beacons work it probably would not be able to be coded differently (effects wise). Therefore, other than asking, I am not sure there is much else you can actually do.
  13. That thread is from last october, so i figured i would create a new thread about it instead of bumping an old thread.
  14. That's why I made this thread to figure out from current staff if this is even possible.
  15. If it is for a parkour then most likely it will be dead center or off to the side, in which case you could ask it be moved to accommodate you, if they have been gone for a long period or are on hiatus youcontacting a senior staff member about deactivating it.
  16. The point still remains, the residence owner should not have to change their own residence to accommodate others.

    I agree with the second part being an idea.
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  18. It is almost similar to what you are aiming at...
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  19. Not quite, I currently have no issue with the range of beacon buffs like the thread states. Limiting to the residence it's on was only part of his argument.