[Suggestion] Beacons Only Affect Their Res

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  1. The title is pretty self-explanatory. I think that beacons should only affect the res they're in, for a few reasons.
    Some people complain about having "Beacon lag". Say, for example, someone has 5 active beacons on a residence right next to yours. This could cause some major lag for some people. And say one of the beacons has jump boost 2, but you don't like having to jump 2 blocks every time you do so.

    Agree, or disagree?
  2. If this can be done it would be great
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  3. Sorry for causing this parker....
    But yes this would be nice.
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  4. Actually to make it even better possibly. Allow beacons to affect only the res's owned by the same person. That way if someone has a beacon on one res and own the one next to theirs they still get the benefit but the other res's near by don't get affected. But either way this would be beneficial.
  5. Feeding off what you said, maybe a beacon affect flag? So that we can turn on or off whether neighboring beacons affect us. I know one of my neighbors wasn't happy when I put up some beacons, but one of my other neighbors enjoys the jump/speed boost that they got free, so if we could control it then everyone could be happy. If a flag would be too complicated, I still support this though.
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  6. I was just thinking about this, about adding a beacon flag.
    I'd love that.
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  7. I don't believe this is possible from past talks with staff i had. If so It would be great
  8. I wouldn't really like a beacon flag. It helps in some ways like if you want to turn off the annoying high jumps etc. However, when someone goes through all the work of getting a beacon and such only to have your neighbor enjoy the benefits they themselves didn't do any work for is kinda annoying.
  9. This has been suggested many times and I believe it is a work in progress or is not possible

  10. Yo! Empire! This gotta happen!
  11. This has been suggested so many times. I want this and so do farm owners but i don't know whether aikar already accepted it or deemed it impossible.
  12. Until I see it on the Track it is not seen by the staff.

    EDIT: This is an older thread Olaf ;)
  13. ^Not true in the slightest, FYI
  14. Oh, i just noticed you bumped this. I remember this being introduced in may or quite a while ago.
  15. I know dat, I just want dis on dat track page.