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Would Complete Res Coverage by a Beacon be a good idea?

Yes 33 vote(s) 64.7%
No 10 vote(s) 19.6%
Bacon 8 vote(s) 15.7%
  1. A Beacon, a token of your wealth in purchase, or of your cunning and bravery in defeating the ferocious wither (unless you use protected spawn, in that case... -.- ) Currently, they can provide great fun in jump boost and speed, or convinience in haste. However, their affect extends only in a certain range from themselves, be that into your neighbors res, or only into part of yours. Because of this, if your res is made up of a giant skyscraper, like mine, getting complete coverage with the beacon's affects is nearly impossible, since the range only goes a certain distance.

    Because of this, I am suggesting the the Empire develop a plugin that causes the beacon's affect to cover the owner's entire res, and only their res. It would extend the entire 60x60x256 area, and not a block outside of it. Unfortunately, because I have no idea about anything to do with coding, I don't know if this would be easy or hard, but seeing how skilled Aikar seems to be in these things, I'm sure if enough people agreed it could be done.
  2. I like this idea, if this was implemented, we wouldn't need 4 beacons to cover an entire res with buffs. And first. :)
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  3. Well it should be so that you would need like 5 or 6 layers to cover the entire res
  4. I'm fairly certain that there making the range of a beacon greater in 1.5.
  5. As much as it's about acquiring the beacon, it's also about getting the tons of gems to make the base of it. I vote no.
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  6. Right, getting the minerals needed for the base is another reason why is seems ridiculous for beacons to not cover and entire range, since the cost is even more than that. Why does that make you want to vote no....?
  7. Just put the beacon in the middle of your res...
  8. I voted yes. Even if you put the beacon in the center of your residence it still doesn't cover the full height of the res. In the case of Cddm's residence, he has a tower that goes very high into the sky. Even when using 1.5's increased full-power range of 50 blocks, only about half of the tower would be within range.

    Also, like Cddm said, the feature might also be helpful in the case of the range stretching onto somebody else's res. If for whatever reason you aren't able to put the beacon in the middle of your res and decide to fully power it with Jump Boost II, it could become an issue to your neighbor who owns a farm and is forced to trample his crops every time he has to go up one block.

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  9. Not to brag or anything, but the 50 range wouldn't even cover a 1/3 or my tower XD
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  10. Although in the new Minecraft update beacon range has been drastically increased I do think that making the beacon's effect given throughout the entire residence regardless of your height... This would also prevent players from making beacon effects happen on other player's residences, for example someone may have a jump boost 2 beacon however I may want my residence without jump boost due to the design. Limiting the beacon effect would help in this particular situation as well as many others ;)
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  11. I didn't build my residence with beacons in mind. I'd especially like a Haste beacon underground near my Stone generator, but have decided not to add one because I have to have an opening above the beacon to the sky.

    This would mean I would have a few levels in my residence with a hole in the floor as well as a pyramid in the way or buried under the floor. I've thought of moving the generator and beacon into the air above my residence but it would cast a shadow over my lot. So I just don't use one.

    Being able to put a beacon anywhere on my residence would be an excellent solution to my problem. I hope it can be done.
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  12. Its 70 blocks.

    And I only use beacons when needed. I finded speed just makes me lag and as cool as super jump is its annoying.
  13. Why should my neighbors get to benefit from my beacons? And I like that I can build anywhere on my res and get the benefit. I approve.
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  14. Actually after rethinking this I do approve! Its an amazing idea
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  15. Am I the only one for whom beacons just cause loads of lag? I end up moving faster where there isn't a beacon present

    The idea sounds good though!
  16. I had 4 beacons to cover my res and the lag was unbareable. So, I removed my beacons and sold them. Now my neighbor has added a beacon with 5 levels and is covering a portion of my res. He has speed turned on. It only covers about 10 blocks into my res but in that 10 blocks I have a farm of carrots. What used to be a continous backwards walk to replant, has now become a stop n go replanting routine. It's really annoying.

    I Approve.
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  17. I'd say no. More beacons look cool anyways.
  18. Yes and cause tons of lag.So many shops are laggy because of them having 50 beacons for an affect to travel everywhere. I like this idea. Maybe implement a pay option where you can pay a certain do this or the beacon has to be at full tier.
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  19. Sure I guess
  20. This is true the range is increasing by 3 times the size for each level