Strange Road Edits

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  1. Share any strange road edits you've come across in Town. :p
    Give credit as to which residence(s) it's next to!
    The trees near 3779 (ft. Ipswitch, The_BaconPotato, FadedMartian):

    Between 4302 and 4452:

    Share yours! :D
  2. Between 6527 and 6528 (ft. jewel_king and Kryarias)
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  3. Between 10811 and 10929
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  4. Nice. :D
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  5. I wanted to get this done on my reses. Wondering if I can use it to bypass the entity cap? Or will the mobs just go back to the main res? I have a big villager farm so it would be nice to be able to produce extra mobs when I AFK. Idk.
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  6. You could probs shoot them to the other res with slime blocks
  7. You cannot do that with mob enteties: they will not leave the residence no matter what. Items, howeber, and players in minecarts, can be shot across residences, which is something I used in a prototype of an automated farm, for which I did not want to do a road edit. :)

    There are also quite a few strange road edits by Tom and me, for those wondering. Most of them are for projects that we later kind of abandonned, but, as we don't visit the residences a lot, we haven't officially abandonned them, and the road edits are kept in place *just in case* :p
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  8. Not really a "road edit", but the road has been permanently altered since an owner (many years ago, not the current owner) grew a tree really close to the edge of their plot. Turns out, it grew into one of those super massive trees.


    SMP6 --- Between 13439 and 13291 (near my res)

    This road edit has been there for as long as my friend, Willies952002 can remember. I took up the res you see in the picture but this seems to be from a supermassive res (potentially) from a long time ago that (probably) spanned between my current res and the residence adjacent to mine.


    SMP1 --- Between 428 (my res) and 534
  9. That's interesting! I suppose that can't happen anymore?
  10. Nope!
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  11. Between 4248 & 4394 -- this screenshot was taken flying in an elytra at a downward velocity of 10 m/s
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  12. That is a bit odd... it's asymmetrical, and it doesn't span to the edges of the residences.
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  13. I think the two road lines that are missing on each side have been deleted with the residence, and that it only extends outwards one side because it was (meant to be) a 2x2, instead of a 3x2. :)
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  14. Weird thing between 18485 and 18578/9

    Lovely diorite/andesite/granite feature between 1604/5 :p

    Surrounding 18481 :eek:

    2232, 2233, 2440, 2441
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  15. Huh, these are really strange!
    It makes me wonder that road edits aren't reverted when the residences are reset.
  16. They are not :p
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  17. That's why I wonder it. :p Edit: Well, it's not why, of course, but if they weren't, I couldn't.
  18. Well, the whole premise of it being that it connects two residences, if only one of the nearby residences is reset but not the other, that wouldn't be fair for the whole thing to reset, would it :p
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  19. Next to 7703:

    Between 6167/8:
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