Strange Road Edits

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  1. Hey Waffle,

    Interesting thread you have here. I thought I would chime in with a few more that I have noticed around SMP2. I am not sure if all of these qualify for the strange specification, but they surely echo the sentiment that road edits should have some retro maintenance plan for when people leave.

    This first pic is between a res that I have recently been working on and B4dM4n5imon's reses. There are random grass patches between Res 3105 and 3153 :

    Next are some random Lapis Blocks between two of my son SUPERI0N's residences at 3872 and 3996 :

    This next photo is all that remains of Stark Tower that SSRC I believe it was, maybe EquableHook had built long ago and this was part of the upper level landing platform found between reses 3240 and 3308 which is EquableHook's res now :

    And another view :

    If you look closely on my mini-map you can still make out the S on the landing zone from an aerial view.

    Okay, so the next one is similar in that it is also floating, but I am not really sure what it was originally. Found between reses 3840 and 3728 we find this :

    Closer view of above pic :

    While on the topic of the floating road edits, I must mention this one that happens to be in your neck of the woods WaffleCoffee. Seen here via a cropped pic of the world map we find this guy on the outskirts of town :

    The view from the corner of one of your residences :

    Zoomed In :

    Underneath :

    Looking back to town :

    I suspect this might be some of Alex Chance's Mega Mall Build based off of the design, but I am not sure.

    Okay, and one last one I wanted to point out that I thought was actually a nice looking road edit, but appears to be incomplete as one road has a canopy, and the other 3 do not, however, the idea is interesting to me. I found this one long ago when I was quite new to the Empire and was just riding round on my horse. It is located between residences 3827, 3715, 3714, and 3826 :

    From the center of all 4 reses :

    Under the Canopy :

    I wish I could figure out how to get trees like these to grow :rolleyes:

    These are just some that I happened to know of off the top of my head, There are bound to be more around town that I am forgetting or have not found. Hope you don't mind the lengthy post, but I just wanted to share these. Hopefully someday, I will get enough of my builds complete that I can inquire about some of these nifty things called road edits :)
  2. It's very nice to see contribution from someone else, and especially with such a detailed post! :D I love the bits about possible origins. :)
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  3. I've noticed this as well! It appears to be the only "outskirts build" on smp2 per my Xaero's export of town:

    That doesn't mean it's the only one on all servers, though! Here's smp1, notice the other weird thing in the top-right in a similar place:

    Maybe these will let people discover some interesting road edits. xD Here's smp3 for good measure, I've only done smp1-3 in terms of full map explorations.
  4. Next to 16441:

    Has a sign stating:

    But the res is owned by ARUJort. :p
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  5. Between 4499 and 4500
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  6. Too lazy to post, but if someone wants to see a few go to my old res 8402 on smp4. Maybe someone can post the screenshots lol
  7. Wait, what's the dark patch?
  8. I've got biome blend set to 1 as it's known to cause many issues on anything other than 1. Surrounding area is plains, that residence I'm standing on is swamp :)
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  9. Between 4565 and 4727... #elfindidit
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  10. 19781 and 19955
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  11. Here are some of the more unique edits from 6 that I have seen for years...

    between 12096 & 12142

    Various tree edits (this one the PPP Trees) 12144 & 12198

    More trees 12142 & 12196

    by Entity farms... 4 way edit by 12102/12103

    edits by Bite..? beside 12188/12189
  12. and from the unfinished Finch Farms mountain builds... 12077 massive.

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  13. I like this one. :p
    I thought that was /pvp on smp6!
  14. Guilty! Use to have Old Stark tower built on that residence, but I was indifferent about the building so I tore it down. I have just been so lazy to have a SS take it away that it has just become one with the area at this point bahaha
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  15. These are all highly irritating!!!! But also kind of funny and a little bit of strange EMC history.

    But, man, I thought I was annoyed by floating trees over spawn steps and in protected frontier spawn areas....these are far more annoying!!!! :rofl: :lmao::mad::confused::rofl: :lmao:
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  16. 10609/10 and 10713/14... thought I had a lighting glitch!
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  17. I maxed the brightness of my laptop screen and squinted looking at the sky... then I finally noticed the peculiarity. :p