Storytime: Krysyy and the Moose

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  1. Congratulations!

    Wait.... If you aren't married yet (and is soon to be married) then what is your relationship to Aikar?
  2. Aikar, Justinguy, ICC, and Krysyy were a band of friends.
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  3. Good friends after meeting through EMC =) Along with his wife, Maxarias.
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  4. Wow! congrats Kryssy! Hope you guys have a great time! Send pics for all the people of emc to see!
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  5. Congratulations Krysyy!! Hope you have a blast with moose the rest of your life!
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  6. Current plan (if family doesn't hate me for it) is to livestream somehow.
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  7. Oh okay.
    I always thought that Krysyy was married to Aikar xD
    Now I think differnt
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  8. *insert bout of laughter*
    You aren't the first, but that title falls to Maxarias =P
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  9. The pairings are:
    Aikar + Maxarias
    Krysyy + Moose

    ninja'd -_-
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  10. Congratulations Krysyy :D
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  11. CONGRATS! :D
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  12. Congrats to you both! :D
    So…it could be like Twitch Plays Pokemon but EMC plays Wedding? :p
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  13. That would be amazing, but being there would be better! :) Wish I could but, I feel like that would be a little weird ! Congrats again! This is so cool!
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  14. WOoO! Congrats to you both, best of wishes!
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  15. Congratulations Krysyy!!! So happy for you!!! Yay happy times and wish you two the best of luck!!!
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  16. Fixed. :)
  17. I feel like I want to hold an in-game bachelorette party now... what's the EMC-appropriate equivalent of a male stripper? :p
  18. Congrats! Love the minecraft ring! And the real one too. Best wishes on your wedding.
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  19. Congratulations on your engagement. :) I hope all goes well in the long term!

    Best wishes to you and your whole family!

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