Storytime: Krysyy and the Moose

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  1. #ThanksMoose

    In all seriousness, I wish you both a long, happy life together. I can think of no one else who deserves happiness as much as you two wonderful people.

    I also insist that since we can't be there in real life, that you do some sort of recreation on EMC. Plz krysyy, I need this in my life.
    So the fact that you got engaged on Easter is awesome. Also...
    The Two Year Engagement? (If this means I get to be Chris Pratt then YES PLEASE)
  3. im super happy for you krysyy. tell moose i ate an extra burrito just for him
  4. Unfortunately his job keeps him pretty busy these days and when he does get a chance to play video games, he's moved on from Minecraft. He's still my brainstorming Moose though, especially when we are thinking of punny things.
  5. Ayyyy, congrats! Best of luck to the both of you.. :3

    Looks like you just wrangled your first moose, eh? :]
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  6. Congratulations krysyymoose9191! ;) (Assuming jane isn't middle or part of first name)
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  7. jane is my middle name
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  8. KrysyyJaneMoose

    Seems Legit. :)
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  9. Ooh So 9191 is your last?! Weird name >-< Congrats Again XD
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  10. Not bad for an amateur, Up in The County we wrestle bears and wrangle up moose on the daily ;)
  11. Krysyy Jane Harkness? :p
    Or maybe Krysyy Jane Smith...
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  12. *Grabs Krysyy's arm and says "RUN"* #TooMuchNetflix

    Don't kill me Krysyy >-<
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  13. My birthday =P
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  14. Congratulations krysyy!
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  15. Congratulations krysyy and moose :)

    (This was taken in 2012, in one of krysyy's parties)
  16. Lol the days when my skin was Amy Pond...
    There's a pic somewhere on my old comp of a Minecraft proposal type thing Moose and I did for fun.
  17. Holy fricknuggets, please tell me moose's last name is smith...
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  18. Nope
  19. ;-;
    Y u no get Krysyy Jane's Warp Star...