Storytime: Krysyy and the Moose

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  1. but... but... its april....
  2. Funny, that's what Moose said...
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  3. This is fantastic news! I'm so happy for you both. Also, congratulations to all the other posters who took my jokes before I could use them. The Princess Bride marriage clip was the first thing I thought of when I read the post. Please, at the very, very least post pictures of the event when it happens. :D

    On a side note, I keep getting this mental image of a Christmas tree. Under it is a Happy New Year top hat, an opened Valentine's day candy box and an Easter basket with a leprechaun figurine sitting in it. You know it's April, right? :p

    Anyway, all the best!

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  4. Krysyy Procrastination at it's best right here "eh let's wait until may"

    on a side note, you realize Easter has come and gone and that tree is still up? is that healthy?
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  5. Nothing wtong with that !! Thats how i and manchildie met
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  6. Nah, it just has 2 very happy cats that attempt to eat/knock it down every night. It's only a 3-4 ft tree.
    I will (likely) take it down before we leave for the Dominican Republic in 2 weeks.

    It's more of the challenge of how long can I wait...that and we threw out the box so I have to go get a tub from the store, ie more work =P. I need to get a few tubs for moving things like my Minecon costume too that are currently in opened/torn/chewed on (thanks Zoidberg) cardboard boxes in the storage bedroom.
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  7. Oh wow congrats Kryssy!!! Please please PLEASE do an in-game wedding!!!
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  8. Hey! that sounded like me last year! but I made myself a promise to take my tree down 1 day before easter, and little did I know it was thrown out so basically I put all the bits of it on a shelf then use the pole itself as a coat rack (if you haven't noticed, this tree is fake) because of that my German Shepard, Kai, ate a part of the tree... so that was interesting.
  9. Yeah last year I got to St. Patty's Day, this year Easter...Next year we plan to have a real big tree so I don't think I can make it to July 4th =P
  10. Congrats
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  11. Congartz!! any ''Friends'' fans? He's her lobster! :3
  12. You never know, they do say "Bigger is better" for a reason I guess.
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  13. Super duper cute!

    Good thing you can fly me over from Norn Iron so I can come though, right Krys? ;)


    krysyy pls
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  14. engaged okee doke congrats

    since this is a special occasion bad grammar is here as always
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  15. Congratz, to you and Moose!
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  16. Congratulations !

    ( sending you another cats ;) )
  17. i could build a giant church ^.^
  18. Yeah, we could have a little wedding on EMC!

    But, Uh who would be the priest? :p
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  19. I know a villager jk just ask around
  20. But wait!! Where is the propotion story it self?? I cant see it here??