Storytime: Krysyy and the Moose

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  1. Once upon a time....

    3+ years ago, before she knew what Minecraft even was, Krysyy met a Moose.
    On April 5, 2015 Krysyy agreed to become Mrs. Moose.
    On April 7, 2015 Moose finally let Krysyy share the news =)
    (and Krysyy took some awesome Minecraft shots / Doctor Who pics to show the ring )

    EDIT: In my excitement, I forgot why I initially put this on the front page (thanks Eclipsys for the reminder). I'm planning to hold a Minecraft engagement party on EMC filled with all sorts of fun things =)

    It will be this Sunday, estimated to last around Noon-4 pm EMC time. (exact details will follow soon)
    Real life gets in the way sometimes and it stinks to high heaven.
    However, this party will still be happening after we get back from our vacation from April 22-26. We'll party extra hard to make up for it =)

    Don't know yet. Likely 2017 Spring/Summer

    Will it be Doctor Who/Minecraft themed?
    As much as I LOVE Doctor Who and Minecraft, they won't be the theme of our wedding. Likely going to have a few special touches here and there though if Moose lets me get away with it.

    Are we invited?
    Those that know how much weddings cost should know this one off the bat. My family is large enough, I unfortunately cannot invite all my extended EMC Family without upsetting daddy's pocketbook =P
  2. Ooh! I am so happy for you guys! I want to see some pictures of the wedding (When it happens) :)
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  3. Congratz Krysyy
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  4. let everyone on emc come to the wedding
  5. That would be fun except that there would 100k plus people there

    What moose are we talking about?
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  6. Congrats!
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  7. I always thought you two were already married.
    :( :p:p:p
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  8. CONGRATZ! I love love!
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  9. congrats and a good life to you.
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  10. A lot of people on EMC have said that in the past. I blame Moose.
  11. ignoramoose
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  12. Thats what i thought but i wanted to sure
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  13. Woo hoo! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys. :) I'm hope you have a lovely wedding.
  14. Awesome, but the real thing is: let us all come!! :p
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  15. Grats! Finally engaged!
  16. Congradualmations

    I have created a new word :D either way, congrats. I remember moose playing EMC, but I have not seen him lately. Does he play anymore?
  18. Congrats! Thank for sharing the NEWS!!!!
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  19. First of all the serious part: congratulations Kryssy, I really hope you guys are going to be very happy. Quite frankly I think you guys did really well not to rush into things; get to know each other real well before you take that extra step.

    But yeah: congratulations, this is awesome!

    So... About that wedding. Why not get Moose onto EMC and let us organize an online wedding for you guys? I'm pretty sure that we (community) should be able to come up with something good.
  20. YAY! GRATS! :D
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