SMP5, You Excite Me

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  1. SMP5 is home of GRIP ^.^ must have been a good reason 4 it :)
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  2. Wow this thread is so original
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  3. You too ESSELEM, thank you. It has become extremely popular and appreciated by the whole community.
  4. I don't know about you guys, but I find SMP5 very whelming. When I first found out about how exciting it was, I was content.
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  5. I really like MissFables gold farm on smp5.
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  6. I have no reason to go to SMP5, but it's exciting all the same :)
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  7. She is a personal friend of mine.
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  8. If you come to 10959 when I am there I will give you a prot 4, unbreaking 3 chest. There is a reason to come to smp5. Because quite honestly, that's how we roll on 5. Ya, that's right.
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  9. The only thing that stands out on smp5 is Mobarena. :p
  10. For one, smp5 has some of the best shops on EMC. I usually try to compare prices between malls on different smp's, but more often than not the best prices for buying and selling are there.
    And what _FB_ said is right, when he's on the server gets really chatty. I usually avoid playing at these times :D
  11. Computer almost crashed from the excitement!

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  12. SMP 5 is the only one with a HUGE chest hunt coming up :)
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  13. Sure 'bout that boy? ;)
  14. I understand you have some issues with him saying we have a chest hunt but I believe it is not necessary for you to call him "boy". That is a considered a derogatory term. You must not be from 5 because we are not that way here. We are accepting of all. A very mature smp. There is not reason to demean anyone.
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  15. I was just joking ;-;. I was hinting at a possible chest hunt on another smp. I'm sorry if I offended you.
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  16. It wasn't me that you might have offended it was Omegina04. But I will say, I know Omegian04 well and he is about the best guy you would ever meet. We are tight on 5.
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  17. I know i get quite excited when stocking my shop on Smp5. Others get excited about my great prices. It's scientifically proven. On smp5.
  18. We'll be having words k?
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  19. Me on smp1 viewing this thread:

    SMP1 should have a thread. OG server for life.