SMP5, You Excite Me

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  1. I think ya'll seem to have a lot of fun on 5. It's a good server. I don't like people that much in general so 4s better for me :)

    I also really appreciate this formula right here:
    /smp5 /buyeveryoneout /swapbacktohomeserver /sell /profit /repeat
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  2. Oh, contraire. We might be guilty of standing up for each other. But we are friendly. However, the most important group, and we all belong to it, is the Empire Minecraft group. That is what brings us all together and we shouldn't forget it. No matter what smp there is a lot of great people. The offer for the free chest still stands, that's friendly isn't it?
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  3. There's a difference between friendliness and bribery :rolleyes:
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  4. Let me know if I am interpreting your statements correctly.

    1. Since SMP5 is not an insane asylum for the tumblr folks, it is not special?
    2. You call SMP5 but not Utopia? Utopia is like a wasteland (more like AFK land actually)
    3. SMP6 has near constant childish arguments and bickering over tiny personal problems. (PvP)
    4. Of course people are shoving it others faces. It only makes sense since it is by far the best server.
    5. You must not come to SMP5 often, because there is not enough chat interaction to form a basis of friendliness or not.
    Seriously though, SMP8 is like a raging disease on EMC. //begin
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  5. I like this thread. I may be from smp5 but I LOVE to see some opinionated statements. Like above, being smp8 a raging disease. And toto's for smp5 being a meh server. Both are opinions, though true. smp5 can be boring at times, but during those peak hours it does get chatty and exciting. And smp8, yes, most can agree it is an asylum for crazy people (like me) but it is so much fun to see the hilarity and fun from it.

    Thanks for the thread btw :)
  6. You call smp5 exiting? Were having a WAR on smp9!
  7. Yes, yes.
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  8. Best part of 5 is we don't have people that make statements like this.
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  9. I might be wrong but... During the time in which I spent on smp6, I see, if not none at all, few arguments. Even less so with the childish and personal tags on them. Maybe I am online at the wrong time, which seems to be the case. Whenever I'm on, it's usually quiet and few are talking on the chat. We have Anon tho. XD
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  10. I will edit my post, it was specifically in reference to just the PvP Arenas. :p
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  11. Weird that you consider pvp and just-for-supporters (???) special things but not mob arena. And I never really understood that fish marriage thing, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask :confused:
  12. I really have no idea where all your negativity is coming from. I just wanted to start a thread saying good things about smp5. There was no attacking of other smps at all. Where does all this pent up aggression come from? For me this just helps affirm how good the people are on smp5. I want to be your friend, but I can tell you are not from smp5.
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  13. I am Shyguy and I approve this message <3
  14. Do you see smp5 attacking the smp8/7 thread? No? Oh yeah, thats right Toto. Infact I recall one fateful afternoon that got you ignored, I can recall it if you wish
  15. Please everyone, stop the fighting. As I have learned form a fellow staff member (Crystaldragon13) all smp's and utopia have different unique assets and abilities. We are all equal, and everyone should praise each other. If you want to fight, do it somewhere else. But this is a positive thread and everyone here just doesn't want it to be that way. Please keep this thread positive. I may be form smp8, but I am a person with feelings, and not a lunatic (even if I try to be).
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  16. My only response to what is being said in this thread is: What?
    The useless caring is overwhelming, smp5 goes up and down in specialness for me, depends who is online. Its not really the smp itself just who I get to talk to.
    Edit- About smp5 being friendly, well different people are friendly to different people. Some people just aren't the type of person I care to talk to, I would more put a tone of indifference to them, and unfriendlyness isn't supported on the empire.
  17. I haven't been on SMP5 properly for ages to be honest... :confused: Though I have nothing against it, and Mob Arena is fun there sometimes :D
  18. Deleted my post and replies because my opinion was upsetting people.
    Now you can spread more SMP5 vibes all over the forums :)
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  19. Smp5 rocks! People talked and there is more people than other smps. :)
  20. Toto man I love you. You don't have to fight anymore and I respect that.

    FDNY, dude, seriously? Don't we deserve your time too? We miss you and it's time to come back. Tell you what, I just finished an amusement park and I would like to invite you to come check it out. I would feel privileged if you could come check it out. It's at 10840. Amusement Park = Exciting.
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