SMP5, You Excite Me

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  1. Anymore screenshots? I think that is what makes the smp8 version better. Live craziness caught forever in the shot.
  2. Well, us smp5'ers don't need pictures to have exitement.
  3. Whatever floats smp5's boat I suppose.
  4. Excellent. I think it's great you enjoy reading this thread. I have to admit I don't spend much time reading the 8 thread but this one is a pretty exciting thread. You know Sgt_Pepper4 I think there is an open res near mine on 5 that you could get. That would be great and I love the Beatles too. I think we would have a lot of fun.
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  5. I love making friends, but alas my 4 adjacent res's are on smp8 already.
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  6. i wish i would have taken a few screenshots yesterday. we decided that pickles are best for taking down walls and that mom went rouge all because of a mine-cart mishap. was quite a day
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  7. I saw the damage today... I don't even recognize it anymore.
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  8. XD