SMP5, You Excite Me

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  1. It IS more productive because the one in ME only got me 8 blocks of gold in an hour. The one in question got me more
  2. Can't argue with that.
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  3. Fear not smp5/ME people, my gold farm (the desert one) is an exact copy of Pigmentus. Ours might not look as good, but their productivities should be the same :)
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  4. Talk about exciting! Biro you rock!
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  5. Meanwhile...
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  6. Im sticking to gods gold farm
    who needs some big fancy thing when you can have something small with character
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  7. Thank you Lux. It does have a homey atmosphere.
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  8. I have to insert some notes about Pigmentus here, because it really did lag out smp8. I had to cut it in half and cripple it to prevent anyone from doing that again. After multiple discussions with staff, I also added safety measure to it to prevent/mitigate lag out there.

    Pigmentus is NOT an AFK-able farm. Do NOT ever afk at Pigmentus or any gold farm that uses this style of build. It doesn't even work right if you only afk. The farm operates most productively on aggro. If you aren't hitting piggies, you're using it wrong. Also, do not put in a strength beacon to one hit kill them. There is no aggro if you one hit kill them, and again, it's not being used at it's best. Standing there and hitting and killing them as fast as you can is the way to get optimal results from this style of build. A voter's sword is a thing of beauty at this build.

    So exactly what is Pigmentus? It is an XP farm that happens to produce a lot of gold. The full build equals or surpasses most enderman farms. Even crippled and cut in half, it is still a fantastic XP farm. It boils down to if you want pearls or gold with your XP.

    If you want this as a public build, please be prepared to keep an eye on it. Smp8 Public Wild Utilities consists of a large crew of people who regularly inspect, repair, and maintain the builds. Pigmentus is without a doubt the most troublesome build, and we watch it like a hawk. People routinely interfere with the safety measures on it to prevent lag because they do not understand what they are fooling with. It is time consuming and a labor of love for the community. Now you all know what you'd be getting yourselves into :) Cheers!
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  9. Wow, wasn't that intense. Luv ya khix.
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  10. Don't feel insulted by my use of Pigmentus - it's not to say that smp5 doesn't have excellent farms as well. The one thing it has that is of use to me is: a different server. How easy is it to type "/smp8" and be automatically at an xp farm, then switch back to home and do all your enchanting from your own res? Perhaps someday when Empires comes out and we can easily TP back and forth to our outposts, I would use smp5's farms for the same reason.
    To sum up: The main reason why I love Pigmentus is just that, a different server than my home server. :D
    Don't you fret, Smp5, I would never choose another as a home server!

    But also, Khixan has done an excellent job on it.... and I can see that it's a troublesome build to have public, I've reported griefing/damage several times myself! Perhaps if it was on smp5 it'd be less griefed? hehe, doubt it. :)
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  11. I love smp5! It has a great community and has many amazing builds in the wild and in town. One of which I go to very often is ./v +infinity. Although, it is sad that the shop is closing... I still love the melons and pumpkins :D

    Although, I will say.... SMP1 is my home server!
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  12. SMP5 just got a whole lot less special, I hope? ;)
    #BannedPlayerJokes #ImBanned #Memes
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  13. I just saw the thread about how much the players on smp7 worry and it made me think about how excited the players are on smp5. And then it made me think about how exciting this weekend will be on smp5. So many things going on with the parties and giveaways and of course mob arena tomorrow. Then I started thinking how nice it would be to have a plate of bacon right now. Cooked of course. But then I started thinking about how Packerfan on smp5 was going to give the first player that messaged him when he gets on later today a diamond chestplate with protection IV and unbreaking III.
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  14. :O omg. That is waaaaaay exciting. If only I were not at work for the next 8 hours.
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  15. What's happening this weekend? Why did nobody tell me?? Was I not invited???
    Smp7, here I come!
  16. Calm down. I might have gotten a little over excited. Smp5 will do that to a guy. And maybe there isn't actually a bunch of parties and that stuff. But, Packerfan did give away a chestplate last night.
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  17. I am going to bump this thread and this will be my 1,000th post. That's exciting. However, that could be a testament on how exciting my life overall is.
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  18. Hello SMP5ers,

    I found out there is another thing to be excited about on smp5. A new potion shop has just opened and is saying they have the lowest potion prices in the Empire with a large selection. Isn't that exciting. I know right. I understand it is at 11086 or +witch. Apparently there is some kind of evil witch there making the potions that could turn you into a chicken. Seems a little far fetched to me.
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  19. XD