SMP5, You Excite Me

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  1. Most of my time is at my home on SMP9, with Anon on SMP6 and occasionally to other servers if I need anything else, but I don't have much reason to go anywhere else apart from events or talking to a friend :p I'll see if I check it out some time, but I'm not in-game right now :)
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  2. Smp5 is where I live, as do both of my alts- I love it there and everyone is usually very nice! We seldom have drama on the town channel (because, while we are nice, we do not tolerate drama very well). Maybe that's why it is peaceful and quiet - also, we encourage using group and res chat to not clutter up the town chat, that's reserved for people asking general questions or needing genuine help. When people truly need help and call for it, it's noticed by everyone and usually several of us answer if we can. We really try to encourage those people who are chatting about how to decorate their new pig pen or whatever to stay off the town channel, and that may be why it is seen as boring but in the background there are many lively group and res chats happening!
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  3. Something people from other smp's should learn, specially Utopia.
    Yes, lots of help. It usually goes like this:

    Player> Anyone knows where I can buy saddles?
    PetuniaFigtree> go to /v PetuniaFigtree on the horse section
    shavingfoam> No, go to my shop, it has everything in it!
    Perez2428> Forget them, go to my super new mall. It's fancy!
    wassatthen> Don't trust them, trust me! I got all you need on my shop!
    _FB_> I don't have a shop, but I like to talk
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  4. I think you forgot:
    Birosquinha>go to my shop because it is super cool
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  5. So true, but I do direct people to foam :)
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  6. I can't stop laughing, this is really about the way it does go down :cool:
  7. You got banned... what happens now?
  8. Ehhh, someone with my attitude will come around. As for me and my 5 other accounts that were banned this morning I am positive that smp7 will be very different by October.
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  9. Wake up little smp5 thread. It's morning.
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  10. but positive?!? Duuuude... Keph's smp8 You Worry Me thread is all positive! Feel the love man! Don't sadden the spuds of love. Vogue with your iron golem on a leash, extol the virtues of the taters, swoon over the cake, ride with the pig mafia, dance with the feeeshes, sacrifice your beloveds in fire, and bounce on the marriage squid. How can you not find all that as positive? Don't harsh our mellow. Just find your own :)
  11. I can dig what you're putting out.
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  12. Hehe. This is sooooo true! But what you don't see is usually
    "NEW Message from TamTamV: I can beat any of their prices, let me know what Shaving is selling for and I'll do my best to beat that."

    Hehe. Sneaky, I know. :)

    But in all honesty, I really do love smp5. it's always been my home server in the 2(?) Years I've been here. Smp8 is heavily used by me for Pigmentus' sake (thanks Khixan and the others) but smp5 is where my socializing happens and where I tend to do business. I LOVE to help out new players, and teach them the ways of "/c r" :) as well as giving them a tour of our own SMP5 utilities. :)
    Seriously though, /v +woolmart is a beautiful thing.
  13. I am way way behind the times here, someone please explain to me what this Pigmentus place has that we don't?
    I shall fix that asap, whatever it is.
  14. #smp4rules
  15. It is a gold farm. I have never been there but have seen pictures and it is quite amazing. Not only functional but from an aesthetic perspective very impressive. However, I would be surprised if it was any more productive than what we have. Technically I don't believe there is a design where one alt can cause any higher spawn rate.
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  16. It's a brilliant looking, brilliantly functioning gold farm build by khixan and the utility gang.
    It managed to crash SMP8 once :cool:
  17. ooo well we need one on 5 then ;)
    I'm on it! _FB_ shall I place it somewhere near your public utilities hub?
  18. What was that all about? lol, we need details - PROOF even, that it's better than 5. I just don't believe you.
  19. You can but theres already a pigman farm which is way better than ME's there so ;)
  20. I've seen that one. It has one level with 32 portals. I have to ask why you think it would be more productive?
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