SMP5, You Excite Me

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  1. Just thought I would start a SMP5 thread similar to the SMP8 thread but positive. You can post how excited SMP5 makes you. In my case - very
  2. Excellent, already got one response. Thanks ShyguytheGamer1, you rock.
  3. That was actually an insult. SMP8 RULES!!!
    -Signed smp8
  4. Another response. This is a popular thread.
  5. Never taken a screenshot on SMP5. Must have been too excited! :eek:
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  6. Lol thats like tumblr telling reddit that tumblr is better.
  7. SMP5 has a way of creating this type of excitement. I was once so excited on SMP5 I forgot to go to work for 3 days. Imagine my bosses reaction. He really wasn't that excited though. Hard understanding people like that.
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  8. ShyNub I'll see ya later k? I got a whole album. Just make sure you regularly prod me for it
  9. I have something to say about smp5, and it is sometimes crazy but sometimes fairly quiet :p
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  10. Smp5's chattiness varies depending on whether I am on pretty much :p
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  11. I wouldnt call it chattiness when you are on :/
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  12. More craziness I guess
  13. Just making sure no one forgets how exciting smp5 truly is.
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  14. All 4 of my residences (10225, 10226, 10227, and 10228) are adjacent to each other and on smp5! smp5 is my home <3. Another thing why smp5 is exciting is because its main feature is shavingfoam (the person). :D
  15. The number 5 is directly in the middle of all the smp numbers. That's a little exciting.
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  16. I believe smp7 and smp8 have a little something exciting going on every day

    Smp7 is nothing without me :p
  17. Oh, yeah, smp5! Forgot about that one! I thought it went like smp1, smp2, smp3, smp4, smp6, smp7, smp8, smp9, utopia :rolleyes:
  18. Wow. Thanks.

    Smp5= Life

    In fact, on the olympics, 5 is the center light lever.
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  19. SMP5 is so exciting it gives me shivers.
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