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How many video games do you reckon you've beaten?

None. 1 vote(s) 1.8%
One to ten. 13 vote(s) 23.6%
Ten to twenty-five. 15 vote(s) 27.3%
Twenty-five to fifty. 11 vote(s) 20.0%
Fifty to a hundred. 9 vote(s) 16.4%
Over a hundred. 6 vote(s) 10.9%
  1. Recently I got into ripping the music from The Polar Express. I made an interesting discovery while doing so:

    The musician wasted a few channels in each song for the same instrument to take turns with playing the next note before falling back to the first channel. My guess is that they wanted that illusion of polyphony, but even when I truncated the decay and merged the channels together into a single track, it's not that clever of an illusion when played back. It hardly makes a difference with what they did, what a waste.

    I can only imagine how much extra depth they could have given each song with using those extra channels for something else.
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  2. For what console? It came out on several platforms. Also, could you visualize what you mean? I'm not sure I get it.

  3. Made it to the last level of "Linea, The Game" before the DLC begins. Wow this is difficult, even with my controller! The DLC levels only get harder.💦️

    [Update] Mere seconds after posting, I got this achievement:

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  4. Ah, that's interesting. I had got the wrong game at first. :p "Linea, an innerlight game"

  5. Regular levels done, "Expert Mode DLC" enabled
  6. The image was deleted!
  7. Following the release of the Fallout TV show in April this year, I got the itch to go back and replay Fallout: New Vegas. I had around 112 hours on the game, most of them accumulated throughout 2014, but only had something like 10/75 of the achievements. I decided I'd do three playthroughs to get all of them.

    After modding the absolute hell out of the game to patch a load of game-breaking bugs out of the game, expanding its video memory capacity to stop it from crashing every time I opened a door, and making it playable (it now crashes once an hour instead of once every 2 minutes!), I completed my first playthrough in May.

    I now have every collectible achievement, every DLC achievement except for two of the Gun Runners' Arsenal challenge achievements, every quest achievement except for 2 of the 4 main storyline ending achievements, the 'beat the game on hardcore mode' achievement, and a bunch of gambling achievements.

    50/75 achievements is pretty good innings for me, I think. I don't have the mental capacity to go back and get the rest right now, way too boring lol
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  8. I've been on vacation for three days now, and so far have beaten a video game every day. :D

    The first was Mickey's Dangerous Chase, a 1992 Game Boy game from CapCom. It was okay; quite short, and the second to last level was trial and error which was annoying. I beat it on my second attempt—it has infinite continues, so it's quite easy to beat, but I didn't fancy spending more than 90 minutes on it.

    The second was Imagine: Fashion Designer. This game has some fairly impressive graphics and functionality, but gameplay-wise it's pretty poor. I had to look up solutions multiple times, because the game says things like "The outfit isn't right" without telling you why. On the final level, you needed to create 5 blue outfits, but it turned out you could also create a single blue outfit and use it 5 times. xD Oh well, I beat it.

    For the third game I wasn't quick enough to take a picture. It was Stuart Little: The Journey Home on GBC. It is part platformer, part racer. In the platformer levels you need to collect things to beat the level. I found the controls quite awkward, and the level design wasn't fun either.

    I wonder if I've ever before completed 3 games in 3 days. :D
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  9. Yesterday I beat Microsoft The Best of Entertainment Pack for GBC. It features 3 Solitaire card games, a skiing game, an implementation of Conway's Game of Life including a competitive game based on it that has terrible AI, Minesweeper and a three-dimensional variation of tic tac toe. It was decent, I particularly enjoyed Minesweeper, which has three difficulty settings and quite some nice features. The tic tac toe game, which was the final one, was quite an anti-climax, as it turned out that the AI on hardest settings made it impossible to beat the game (at least on the 1x3 field setting, the original tic tac toe setting), so I decided to beat each field setting on the easiest difficulty, which offered no challenge at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Here's a screenshot of my won Expert game of Minesweeper. :)

    Also relevant to this thread: I recently worked on an overview of all my games, with info on genre, developer, et cetera. My main reason to compile it is that I wanted to get an overview of how many games I'd beaten and completed. Here are those statistics. :)

    Note that column E means 'Beaten but not 100%', whereas column B means 'Beaten and/or completed'.
    As you can see, I've beaten about 2/3rds of my collection, and completed a bit under half. This is less than I'd expected, to be honest!
    It was also interesting to see that I have over 50 GBA games, but have beaten 3/4's of them! Not bad, I'd say. It makes sense that for GB and GBC the fractions beaten and completed are fairly close to each other, because on these systems (them being quite old) many games do not feature a distinction between beating the game and completing it, as there are no optional additional objectives besides beating the game kept track of.
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