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  1. Ok so I thought this was just happening with Rogue1128 (one of my twin boys) but another player is having the same issue. When you go to write in a book and quil they are both getting kicked for invaid book entry. Is this normal or what?
  2. You need to use the 1.12.2 client to avoid this issue.
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  3. Thanks I'll check my son's client and pass that info along to the other player. I knew I didn't have that problem.
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  4. Was there an update recently that reset levels? I was gone for a while and I came back to see a blank XP bar. :confused:
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  5. Guess you've been gone since the survival 2.0 update. Anyway xp is separate on each smp now so the xp you earn on smp1 stays only on smp1. You can reclaim your old xp on any smp you want but can only do this once using /claimxp
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  6. Yup, xp isn't cross-server anymore. The amount of xp you had at the moment of the update has been saved, and you can get it back by typing /claimxp (if I remember right, maybe something slightly different). But check what server you're on first, as you won't be able to transfer it anymore after executing the command.
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  7. I see. Thanks!
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  8. I keep getting kicked when I'm trying to do a few commands in a row. Sometimes even without hitting enter. Is that supposed to happen?

    Also doors and fences are malfunctioning, known issue or is this only happening for me?

    Thanks in advance!
  9. I don't know about the first issue, but I do know that the second issue is known to happen for people playing on 1.13 - are you playing on 1.13? Because EMC is still on 1.12, some weird bugs might occur. This could also be the reason for the first problem you mentioned. :)
  10. Solved it all!

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  11. Awesome, good to hear, you're welcome! :)
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  12. Cant connect...get message "are servers down"
    I was just connected...DCed to update supportership.
    Can still connect to other servers.
  13. This is a Minecraft issue with the internal servers, I do not believe this is EMC's fault.

    All we can do is wait it out... :\
  14. Failure to connect to Smp6 - "Error occurred while contacting login servers, are they down ? "

    Possibly the same error as MrCDub, although when I checkup on the Mojang support page, all the service statuses seem to be green and running normally.
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  15. :eek: Possible conspiracy? lol

    Just kidding, I was able to login now. I have no idea what was causing this...
  16. SMP7, SMP8, and SMP9 all appear to be down as of 9:50AM EMC time on 02-March-2019.
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  17. yup can confirm. was kicked from 7 and got the "can't be connected to multiple servers message" trying to reconnect.

    and it still says im conncected so i can't play emc :( haaaalp
  18. Same here except now I can't log in at all
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  19. I still love you though. You aren't alone #strandedfromemc
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