Server Problems, Post Here!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by chickeneer, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. I cant get on SMP7, I can only get on like 2 of them and can not switch
  2. SMP 7, 8 and 9 are currently offline. Our datacenter is working to resolve it. No ETA.
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  3. I've taken that server out of the server pool so that people trying to connect to other SMP's can still get on.
    Might take 5-10 mins for DNS to propagate.
  4. scroll up in red it says 7, 8, and 9 are down
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  5. Anyone who was on 7,8,9 that was getting the can only be on 1 server at a time message should be clear now to connect. I removed the stale session records.
  6. IM BACK, time to burn it all down mwahahahaha
  7. I just logged on with my alt account and for some reason, I am in town with no armor or tools and not at my wild base. Will this be corrected once the system recovers tnx?
  8. uh oh!
  9. Are you sure you connected to the same SMP? It looks highly unlikely that this would happen, especially with losing your inventory.
  10. This has happened to me before when I was on six once I contacted SS and they gave me my items what happened was i vaulted my stuff went into the wild and the server stopped and a minute later I logged back on and I was where I was like ten minutes before but all the stuff I took out of my vault was gone
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  11. Happened to me as well when I logged back into smp8

    Ender Chest inventory is gone, too
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  12. Opps server problems
  13. Managed to get on all amp's at 12am emc time
  14. Send SS a pm with details at and we'll check into it.

    If anyone else had issues as a result of this server issue please contact us through the same method and we'll look into the problem as soon as possible.
  15. Yes, I am sure I just logged in again and yes I am on the same server smp8 at town spawn no armor and no tools
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  16. I think most smp's players got kicked today if anyone wants to know
  17. I know a new player, Savade, who was trying to connect to /games during the prez event but it kept disconnecting him when he tried.
  18. Over 24 hours and my inventory AND Ender Chest items are still lost in a void.

    Has anyone who lost their items through the server glitch yesterday got them back? And if so, how? Manually per item, or through restore points/backup data? Or something else I'm not aware of?
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  19. Poor Dicey...
  20. This is a serious issue that needs to be handled, I hope none of this gets swept under the rug...
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