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  1. Not sure if a bug but i got a Marlix boss bar when i went to my res
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  2. I went there immediately after you posted this, and I couldn't see it. That's really weird, though. :D
  3. That happens when you were just in an area in the wild/waste with a boss, and you teleport to town. The chunks are still loaded, and since you were just there recently, system doesn't know what's going on when you go to another world and still sends you the bossbar data until the chunk unloads.
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  4. Interesting. Didn't know this issue existed
  5. When someone /dnd you can still pm them but they dont see it unless they do /pmlog
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  6. Just happened on my stream xD Kry was pming me somehow and i was on DND but not showing up
  7. Thanks for the report.
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  8. bug: /toggleeditwand cannot be autocompleted,

    The command itself is also not working (it is not creating the selection)

    suggestion: in "/help res subzone" ,add the command (/toggleeditwand) to that list
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  9. I don't understand what you mean. What do you think that command does? It shouldn't be creating any selections.
  10. Not sure if it fits here... or if I should've PM'd. However, Recently whenever I stream Dragon Fights on smp3 with more then 5 or 6 other people at the arena's we bring TPS down to almost 10 and even less if there's 8 or 9. Not sure why fighting the dragon causes so much lag.
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  11. Previously it allowed any stick item you had be used as the wand. The stick is not turning into a wand; thus not allowing you to select anything
  12. I believe the wand tool is a wooden axe for you all.

    If you want something else to be a wand. Hold that item and do /tool selwand.