School!! UGH!!!

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  1. Thread redid, hope you enjoy :)

    Hi everyone! Today, I decided to tell you some news! So, I'm in school right now. So.. except less activity from me. But yes, I'll still be online, but less, Sadly. But, I want to be in the high classes, so I'll be working a tun. Just wanted to let you guys know.

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  2. You think you're situation is bad? Mine starts in 4 days! I'm freaking out because I have no clue what my schedule means and the teachers are supposed to be mean and assign a ton of home work. All bus riders and walkers have to get to their lockers in 5 minutes only (with 5 grades in 1 school) >.<

    I'll be less active on EMC/Minecraft too since, yeah, school =P

    You're in all advanced? Nice! Keep in mind: B = A++ when you're in advanced :D
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  3. At least you guys don't have to pay for anything yet haha.
  4. I have to pay for some stuff.... :p
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  5. Same. Except I know my lock, and books.
  6. I mean, really pay. :p
  7. Thats what I do!
  8. School isn't bad. You're learning and you should see that as a good thing.
  9. This is the problem with this generation. You all reject education. Education should ALWAYS come before games and your social life. Games and friends will always be here but time to learn will not. People are fighting for their right to education whilst some people are trying to get out of it. Please don't be offended, this is not intended to be derogatory, I'm just speaking my mind.
  10. Same with the school, but b's never equal a pluses in my family :). You get a's or a-'s or else you die c;
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  11. But she's in advanced so the education is harder and more advanced.
  12. So much this. I had to spend 1560$ USD on books this year. =/
  13. I know, Infact I'm inlove with school.
    Honors we're talken.
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  14. My school also starts in 4 days. It's not that bad, however, because I have 4 day school weeks.
    It's not necessarily that we're rejecting education, but more of how it's presented to us. The reason why people don't want to learn is because it's presented to us in a dull and boring way rather than anything interesting. Also, a lot of this stuff is pointless in life anyway.
  15. I'm glad I'm home schooled.

    Also, just because you are home schooled doesn't mean you don't see friends, I go to 2-3 gatherings/coops per week.
  16. Goood luck to everyone who starts school soon :D
    Enjoy your student life while you can ;) ( I know it sounds difficult when you are a student)
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  17. I don't really want to argue, but I have to say, when a kid says "school sucks!", it's a perfectly valid thing to say; they're complaining about something in their life that they don't enjoy. It's bad enough that they're not "allowed" to do anything about it, but to take away the only thing they have left - the ability to complain about it - is just kicking them when they're down.

    The big problem with arguments against "school sucks!" is that people often replace the word "school" with the word "education", as though they are the same word. Obviously education is incredibly important, not just to any one person, but to society as a whole. The thing is, kids are not complaining about education; they are complaining about school. Try to understand what it is that's bothering them instead of twisting their words to make it sound like they're being silly, complaining about something really good.

    Sorry, it just bugs me when kids get shot down, and are made to feel like they said something wrong.
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  18. International Baccalaureate :)
    You are only in advanced if you can handle it. The other classes would be too easy so it shouldn't be too hard.
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  19. Thanks
    I in love with school.
    Wow.. that's just sad =(
    I like this, because I love school.