Rules Updates: August 11, 2018

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  1. Bire's response was fairly appropriate. What I would have said instead, is that we don't have a policy against it. So whether you can, is at the will of whether the other player wants you to. This applies to any message though on a profile or direct message.
  2. changing my name to biremenow
  3. Huh? I don't get what you are saying. I also feel like there might be some mistakes in it, as, for one, I think you meant to say 'Bite'.
  4. hehehe he meant meee
  5. you dank meme
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  6. I was typing on my phone. And you are right. I made mistakes.

    I have included the non-bitemenow fixes here.
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  7. Context is key, and I understand we all like surprises but in context I can understand the changes to the rules and can actually support them. I am a little confused why we decided to make the rule changes now when they weren't ready to be fully implemented but whatever. Let's avoid this in the future and maybe just provide a little context :). Then we can all understand the whole story before we jump at each others necks over misleading conclusions. All in all I feel like this is a decent compromise. Thank you for your hard-work Krysyy and EMC Staff. I hope to see these changes implemented.
  8. Ah yes, watching your auction die without any bids, but you cant bump, lovely!!!
  9. Question: how do auctions work, like the actual function on emc? Can someone grab me a link? I am lost in the dark.

    - Andy
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  10. This reduced the auctions to a popularity contest. Hopefully market chat revamp can partially rememdy the problem.
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  11. I mean not to call you out Rhy but I was the one that told mark to auction it so I could bid on it, I already had it book marked and was gonna bid :p
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  12. Also don’t mean to call you out here rhy :D but the reason he wasn’t gonna bump it is cause he didn’t have time to, he sent me a book asking if I could bump it for him and I told him all I can do is bid which I was already planning on doing. If you want to see the book let me know :p
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  13. Scuf
    You're killing me ;-;
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  14. Can't wait for these 1 item auctions to die down. Its no fun looking though junk auctions.:( maybe there not all junk but still...
  15. I take back everything I said about the new auction rules (except for the bumping part) Because now people are auctioning off books that they've written and its so wholesome??
    look out EMC I'm boutta spill my writing juice all over the auctions sections
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  16. PHRASING! Stop spilling your juice over us Impulsive <3

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  17. As someone who tends to auction large quantities of things people who only run bulk stores or are planning a drop party are interested in (ie. fish, rotten flesh, etc), threads in the auction section push less popular threads down within a handful of hours, and my bidders are few. If I can't bump I might as well not put that stuff up for auction cause it just won't be seen by most interested parties before its buried.

    And I really do not see many in-game advertisements for suction threads, usually go days if not weeks between seeing someone advertise in game. Not objecting to that rule change however, because I think it happens so seldom it won't affect anyone at all.

  18. Ah, so now people can auction my books! :o (Except for the Piwi Certificate, of course)
  19. Question : Is all auction advertising banned? Like, could we advertise with a sign on our res? Or is that not allowed?
  20. As I understand the rules here and Chickeneer said... This should be fine due to not being specified in the rules