Rules Updates: August 11, 2018

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  1. Sorry for a late response, I actually try to avoid this thread somewhat. Noticed that other players didn't notice (your post) so let's see...

    Ok, disclaimer: Explanation without any bias on my end (as you can see: this stuff has become "a little" controversial to say the least, and I obviously also have my opinion about the whole thing. One which I shall now cast aside: <poof>).

    Auctions on the Empire

    Auctions on EMC are held on the forums, not in-game (not officially). You start an auction by creating a thread in this forum, and then specify the item(s) you'd like to put up for auction. Please be sure to read the auction rules first.

    Generally speaking you need to specify the item(s) you want to put up for auction, the opening bid, the minimal bid increase and finally how long you want your auction to run. After you started your auction you basically have to wait and hope for bids to come in. If they do then the bidder is bound by their bid: they cannot pull out again. If no bids come in then you're out of luck. Especially because it will take 7 days without bids before the auction will be considered automatically closed, and you cannot run 2 auctions at the same time (unless you're a supporter).

    After an auction does end with a bid both you (the host) and the highest bidder have obligations to attend. You need to provide the items to them within a few days (it is not specified in the rules, but my personal take is to try and get this sorted out within 2 days at most. If you can't then at least PM the winner to tell 'm when they can expect their items) and the bidder is obviously obligated to pay. Once again, a deadline doesn't seem to be specified in the rules.

    What I usually do myself as a host (because I trust the EMC staff to have my back when something doesn't go right) is to provide the items and tell the bidder to pay me during pickup. I've been playing on the Empire for 4 years or so, held plenty of auctions and so far this never failed me.

    And that's it. EMC Auctioning 2018 mini guide without bias.

    I hope this can help.
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  2. Hooray for longer Recent Thread list! (I think)
  3. Hoooray for stupid rule changes to fix things that weren't broken! (I'm salty)
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  4. You're also banned
    (I'm honest)
  5. 3 minutes of mistake doesn't make however long you took to make this decision good <3
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  6. You had your say and we have seen the empire community's response. As you can't even use the system with your account due to your banned state, your ongoing salty state is not our concern.
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  7. Except you gave me permission to be a part of the community under another name, so surely I have just as much of a valid opinion as anyone else, I just haven't switched accounts..

    I'm not trying to be rude, and I'm gonna unfollow this post, but it's a discussion...
  8. Then I advise you change accounts and follow the rules. Don't bring up your saltiness unless you expect a comment on it. In the future, don't post if you don't want a response.
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  9. A salty spud (snerk), in hot water... Bahahaha!
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  10. Reminds me of a rule change back in 2016
  11. watch out for the dank memes they'll hit you like a straight shot of fireball
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  12. Hooo boy they can lol
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  13. Which one?

    I hadn't quite realised yet how controversial this was, by the way. :eek: I was inactive on EMC for a couple of days, while this was going on. And I thought "Eh, I'll let it be.". I think I'm glad I missed most of it. :p
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  14. I think that this will take some getting used too. But it’s definitely doable. It’s a fact when sudden changes are made some tend to not like it. I think giving this a chance is the best way. I have been auctioning some items recently. I did find it odd not to bump it every once in a while and I did bump one but when I realized it was a new rule I reported and had the bump removed. I know a lot of veteran players aren’t necessarily for this but guys I trust our staff team. I think there’s probably a lot more to it than we are realizing. EMC will be ok. We the players will be ok. I’m still adjusting too but it’ll get there!
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  15. I was refering to the IP- Banned players are banned on fourms as well when the ruling came right after a suggestion I made for improvement on the Anti-Greif Update when I was IP-Banned at the time. But that's old news
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  16. This rule is listed under "Conditionally Approved Mods" and "Macros, Keybinds, Auto-Clickers, Etc".
    Does it apply only if a conditionally approved mod is being used?
    Does it apply if no "modification of any sort" is used (no mods, no software, no mouse with auto-clicking capability nor similar)?
    Does paperweight on the mouse count as modification?

    Perhaps this rule should (also) be included outside of "Mods" section if it applies when no (relevant) mods are used.

    Examples (no conditionally approved mods are in use, or even no mods at all):
    - one account is placing concrete powder into a machine, the other is breaking the concrete
    - one account is afk (away or not yet away), just standing there to activate spawner(s), the other is killing mobs
    - there are two accounts, both away, both just sitting and moving in a minecart
    - there are two (or more) accounts, both away, each of them is waiting at a spawner / grinder. Every now and then, they are active (not necessarily at the same time) to kill the collected mobs, then they are afk again and become "away" after some time.

    How could one determine how many people sit for how long in front of which monitor and keyboard?
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  17. Delayed reaction post here...I'll answer in sections.

    The rule applies whether or not a mod is used to achieve the end result. I can look into adding it elsewhere to make it clear for those that try to argue this technicality.

    It's usually pretty obvious who is an alt and who is not. If there were cause for concern, we'd treat each situation on a per case basis and determine. To assist, we've allowed players to 'register' accounts on their IP as different people, for events and such. Just don't abuse the concept of an alt. It's an easy rule if you aren't looking to abuse it.
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  18. This just in! Auctions are dead, market chat has no use and the recent thread box will now have things from two weeks ago... this is stupid. no really, stupid.
  19. How do you go about doing this? My son and I play together sometimes.
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  20. Just send me a message.

    Except they aren't, it still does have a use, and recent threads box has been just as recent as before. I know that some people don't like change, but don't go spreading lies about something that's obviously not the case.
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