Rules Updates: August 11, 2018

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  1. Its not the effects and 'letting the dust settle first' things that im talking about.

    Its about the system that we, the players, didnt find broken nor openly complained about (if so, could someone show me proof?).

    And the fact that these changes have just been made without the community consultation first.

    One of EMC's strongest points (that has always been present in my 7 years of EMC) was that changes were always discussed first before being made. Where did that aspect of rule changing go?
  2. Also I just wanted to make a point of thanking you, Krysyy. You've been so incredibly patient in explaining this change. Though I may not like it, really appreciate how calm you've been in answering people's comments and taking some hard hits from people. <3
  3. Not all changes are discussed beforehand because you cannot vote on something like this without seeing it in action first.

    We do discuss some rule changes with the community. However, we don't post polls for everything. We have a goal in mind for the future of EMC. We work towards that goal. We're all for changing things and adapting if this turns into a failed experiment. However, we're already seeing some of the positives, so there is a basis of change needed. Example: I saw a player that hadn't posted in 4 years bid in an auction today. That's a good thing.
  4. i bet they bid on the dirt name Krysyy :cool:
  5. It was actually a series of mob heads.
  6. Amazing search bars!
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  7. Not going to lie, I don't think that has anything to do with the new auction rules.
  8. Aikar's gift
  9. Maybe not, but we'll see if a pattern continues.
  10. Krysyy your rules only work if we are constantly influxing players but the new auction rules are throwing away the old auction users for new ones
  11. This is not how things work. People don't just "stop using auctions". Unless you want to over react and boycott them, but that would only be detrimental to yourself.
  12. Then ween the bumping from 3 to 6 hours and see how it affects the auction page :confused:
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  13. Speaking only for myself, I'm glad that actual discussions and topics of interest will have a fighting chance on the Active Threads sidebar.

    See, practically the only reason I'm still on these boards at all is because of the community. You people are awesome - I actually tried to leave, when I realized Minecraft as a game was basically dead to me, and I just couldn't do it. But I don't come here to trade rupees. I want to interact with people, talk to them, pick their brains and have lively discussions. Maybe I'm just old, but I thought that was the intended purpose of a forum anyway. It's intensely discouraging to me to check in a few times a day and only see [Auction], [Auction], [Auction], [Buying], [Selling]...! The fluffin' status posts are more interesting, and that makes me a very sad tiger.

    So yeah, while I can understand why this upsets a lot of merchants / auctioneers, this is one change I'm extremely glad of and wholeheartedly support.
  14. Hey, remember that one auction for a PPP chestplate among other extremely valuable things? I would have won that for 2mil had a certain someone (not naming any names here) not bumped that thread.
    Yes I am still grumpy about that ;-;
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  15. 2 hours into the 48 hour timer, so close :D But in the end we all lost :p
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  16. It was off of the recent threads bar and Markelle said he wasn't going to bump it ;-;
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  17. Thankfully I was checking the auction section for new threads :D I'm sure someone else would have bid if not me. :p
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  18. To the first thing krysyy said on page 24... Eclipsys put my opinion quite perfectly... I feel like the auction rule change was not needed- I never saw any spam... Some of my auctions would've been closed within days because no one would've noticed, and people actually needing poppies might not have found it. Sometimes that advertisement was a good way to revive the chat, and the bumps drew my attention to things I would want, if I had the money to outbid....
    Meh. Just my two cents. (post 461, I think, if y'all are wondering)
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  19. I don't understand why you guys willingly agreed to take the backlash and protests head on when it could be avoided. Yet another predicament of bickering in-game and useless arguments to endure through.

    To avoid such an extraneous paragraph that nobody would ever read... Here's a diagram.

    In conclusion, the discussion threads and whatnot can still roam freely and the auction threads can be under that and STILL attain the attention of the players.
  20. It works great in photoshop, not so great in code. We're still trying.