[RULES] Update to Chat Limits

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  1. The Chat Rules are updated and we are no longer PG! We are EMC!

    This is actually a REALLY small change, but with big reasons. Instead of explaining the limits of what is and isn't acceptable in 'excessive use', we're simply removing it from being allowed in the first place. PG ratings and ratings in general are not standard across the world, so we made our own ;)

    No one NEEDS to curse. There are plenty of alternatives to the normal ranks of profanity that get your point of being frustrated, etc across without upsetting other players. On EMC, we'll continue to allow damn and hell, because let's face it, those are in Disney movies...So yeah, that's about it. The chat filter will be updating shortly (when Aikar next updates) to automatically disallow use of some more words that we found weren't being blocked, and to add some of the ones we had excessive problems with.

    These changes are noted in the current chat rules, located at chatrules.emc.gs for you to view.

    EDIT: We have updated once more to add a very special case. We've discussed and the use of acronyms (such as lmao, or wtf) isn't harmful as long as you don't spell it out because it could represent a perfectly fine to say statement (such as "what the fluff"). We've made the changes the necessary pages.
  2. Dang it!
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  3. Lol this thread is about times of frustration too.
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  4. Cool... so what changed? The name? :p
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  5. good update :)
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  6. The words 'shit' and 'ass' used to be allowed, if not excessive.
    Now they aren't. That's it.
  7. :eek: what can I say?

    YAY!!! :D

    I love this one.

  8. Will this check for those words exclusively? I've been on some servers that will exclude the words glass or grass just because the filters only checked for the spelling of the word and not the word itself.
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  9. They are bounded limits, as they've always been. So it checks for the specific word. Aikar had to add in some plurals today.
  10. Fudge! What the Frill! Dang it! Ah crud! Son of a biscuit eater! Piece of sludge! Kiss my Donkey! :)
  11. What? Why?
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  12. The description in the OP explains why. Also, players asked for it in the surveys that I have reviewed so far and we were already talking about it before then.
  13. AWESOME! This is what bothered me a lot because EMC is a family-friendly server. :) I also suggested the change on the yearly survey.