Rules Reminder: PvP/UHC and Illegal Mods

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  1. Recently we've had quite a few issues with PvP/UHC when it comes to both the use of and accusations of illegal mods. Therefore, a reminder about a few crucial aspects of our rules.

    Do Not Use Illegal Mods
    It is NEVER EVER EVER okay to use illegal modifications on any part of EMC. This includes off-server events, such as UHC. If you are found guilty of using Illegal Mods, it is a permanent IP blanket ban. This means that any account that you have access to WILL be banned. This is because if you used illegal mods on one of your accounts, you may have moved ill-gotten items to one of your other accounts in order to bypass the ban. This is obviously not cool with us and we do our best to ensure our players are obtaining items LEGITIMATELY.

    Do Not Use Slander/Publicly Accuse Players
    It is NEVER okay to publicly accuse another player of illegal mods in a public chat channel. Someone kill you really quickly and you think they are hacking? Then REPORT IT TO STAFF. Do NOT go around ranting in public chat about how you think they are hacking. That is a public accusation slander and falls under the same level as rudeness. Staff will get involved if someone reports you.

    Do Not Negatively Troll/Cause Public Drama
    It is NEVER okay to state that you use hacks in order to troll players. This is a negative troll and causing public drama listed clearly under the rules as not allowed. We're all up for a good joke here and there, but if you state you use illegal mods in chat and someone reports you, then the joke is over and you are subject to punishment. Breaking the rules is not funny. If someone joins and they say that they use hacks, it is a self-confession to use of illegal mods and that player will be banned. This has been the same way for many years now and I've banned many players that have self-confessed to their own crimes and had someone report it.

    If we all do our best to follow the simple rules that have been laid out for you, then we can all enjoy PvP and UHC events more. We want to keep the fun going so please work with us to do your part.

  2. Shame this had to be posted :(
  3. I... don't think this is a word.

  4. It is. I don't know why people would even consider cheating.
  5. People cheat to gain an advantage.. For example, if you X-ray in UHC, you have an advantage because you know where diamonds are.
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  6. Changed to full word. Most people know the short version though.
  7. It's a shame that something like this needs a reminder but it really does.

    Good reminder Krysyy:)

    I'm spending some time at the PvP arenas myself and I've encountered this, so a really good reminder for everyone.
  8. No, it doesn't clearly state that saying you use hacks is disallowed.
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  9. It states that negatively trolling is not allowed and it says that causing public drama is not allowed.

    Publicly claiming to use illegal mods, then claiming that it was all a joke is both of those things.

    I'll be re-wording this for those players that seem to think they can find loopholes in the rules that have been constant for years now.
  10. I think the main message that Krysyy is trying to pass on to us is anything is possible and fine to do.. just don't get caught guys! :D

    Edit: lol don't get angry it was just a cheeky joke ;)

    Edit #2: May I ask why a player gets in trouble for lying about using mods/hacks? Posting fake images and or videos... Last time I checked using player evidence was against the rules of EMC? Staff have to investigate the incident instead of acting upon it 10 minutes after it occurs.. but hey what do I know.
  11. Better cover up my TNT ban bypass hax then :eek:oooo
  12. What a negative joke... :(
  13. So, if we say we use hacks, we will be banned without proof?
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  14. Bans on EMC must have proof. Typically a good quality video or screenshots backed up with logs.
  15. If you say you use hacks, then you will be punished for using hacks.

    Self-confession and NOT a new rule. If a player joins and shouts that they use hacks, staff aren't going to follow them and wait for them to catch it on video. If you want to state that you break our rules, we are not going to waste our time.
  16. What I understood from the OP, if we say we use hacks we will get banned, without proof.
    Great... now what am I gonna do.
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  17. Apparently this isn't always the case :) sometimes this is put aside and player evidence is used against them :D Oh well.
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  18. And if the logs have a player admitting to use of illegal mods, then that player is banned. The logs are the proof.
  19. Some people have different forms of humor you know?
  20. Basically if you say you use hacks you are purposely trying to get a rise out of someone. That behavior is not allowed on emc and basically someone is saying: "Ha I'm going to act like I'm breaking the rules and whine when I get in trouble for it"