promo sugestion ancient rolls the perfect promo

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    1. i was tinking waht cut be a good promo than i saw a picture of a bolus just search on google its not somting englis i tink but it lookt like a ancient debries i dit more tinking and than i god it ancient rolls its an enchant ted block of enchant debries abilety rigt klick and it wil give luck or fireresistanse 50% chance for 5 tho 10 minits ancient rolls the supper food
  1. Bolus, if I'm seeing the correct definition, would not be a good choice for a promo, in my opnion. I'm currently eating breakfast and the thought of bolus, although a natutal process, is turning my stomach. 🤢
  2. if u dite sea tho good ting its actuly prety good it looks lite poo but its tasty
  3. I think daanhu is referring to the Jewish pastry from the Dutch province of Zeeland. :)
    It doesn't seem relevant to EMC to me, though.
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  4. why not ancient rolls
  5. I'm sorry for the confusion. I saw the definition of bolus as being a ball shaped mass moving through the digestive system.

    That pastry is awesome and is basically what I would call a sticky bun or cinnamon roll. I wish I had one now.
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  6. I do want more food promos, but I can't think of a holiday where this would be relevant. Or really any reason to introduce it.
  7. the word bolus reminds me of "beluga" whales. if i wasn't a martian i would be a beluga whale.. they are so derpy and cute c:
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  8. May be nice to have an event that celebrates other cultures.
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  9. Cinco de Mayo 2022
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  10. Maybe Cinco De Quatro. It’s annoying hearing those fireworks every Cinco de Mayo.
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  11. Interesting promo idea, but it may be difficult for the staff to tie that in to Minecraft or EMC in general. I'll let them speak for themselves, however. :)
  12. I’ve suggested this in the past and all I ever got was “no we’re an American server so we won’t celebrate that stuff”

    The only holiday that this server celebrates that I also celebrate is St. Paddy’s Day but we celebrate two very different versions of it. Even the pot of gold promo has no relevance to the version I celebrate and it’d probably be viewed as mildly offensive by a good portion of my city lol (we worry more about getting beat up by Orange Order loyalists that fly in from NI and Scotland though tbf)

    If I was gonna suggest anything I reckon Eisteddfod would be cool. Could do a King Arthur thing (Caledfwlch could be an enchanted sword promo, the Prydwen could be some kind of enchanted boat I dunno, Myrddin could have a wand/enchanted stick), put some Welsh poems in a special book with translations, I dunno.

    I’d just like some diversity in the holidays that are celebrated instead of the same American ones I know nothing about and can’t relate to, and I’m sick of seeing the same promos get re-released every year. I don’t think the server is growing fast enough that there’s too many people who missed, and really want, these promos - and even if that was the case it’s definitely not growing fast enough for them to not just buy a spare one someone who’s been playing for 2+ years has.
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  13. Well if we're going to be celebrating other cultures' holidays, I want Chinese New Year >:)
  14. As I've stated a few times, if you have a solid suggestion for a holiday promo of another country, go forward and suggest it. HOWEVER, the examples you list don't really align with any wide-known holidays outside of that specific country and that's the problem. We stick with the 'commercialized' holidays that ideally do not offend people or cause any disparity in groups, however there is always going to be a perception issue with any and all holidays although we try our best to avoid them.

    Chinese New Year is widely known enough across countries that if you have an idea, you are more than welcome to suggest it and it very well may be used.
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  15. It is strongly related to a very unpopular country, though. :p

    Personally, I wouldn't mind a Welsh holiday promo. But I'm not an American. :p
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  16. The government is unpopular, not the people or their culture.
  17. Having celebrations held in Wales, some parts of England, Cornwall, Brittany, Argentina, Australia, the American states of Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and California, and having Irish and Scottish equivalents held in the Republic and in Scotland isn’t enough range? That’s at least 20 million people in Europe alone and anyone who likes medieval history or renaissance fairs would probably like some of the things you can come up with under my suggestion lol

    You don’t even have to take it as a holiday thing (I was just spitballing anyway), some kind of medieval themed flavour-of-the-month event could work and incorporate parts of my suggestion and even more if you wanted. I mean hell you could even go hard on the family-friendly nature of EMC and use it as an opportunity to give some historical tidbits to both younger and older players, expand their view of the world by giving them some insight to other cultures besides their own, and I could totally see a way to run some themed events if the build team and staff are willing to create a few things and host.

    I’m not a fan of the People’s Republic but Chinese history is fascinating and the culture - which I’ve seen firsthand (one of my friends is Chinese and Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe) - is interesting and commands a lot of respect in my eyes. Plus Taiwan exists.
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  18. Event:
    Staff put on red dragon heads, red/yellow leather armor, hold red/yellow/white banners, and do a dragon dance xD
    Scene should have a bunch of floating red lanterns encased in glass, complete with chains or something string-y for the balloon strings.
    Lots of market stalls selling various regular foods (i.e. pork, chicken, fish), flowers, dyed leather armor (mostly red), and fireworks for ridiculous prices, preferably with the price 8, 88, or 888. Don't do 8888 because 4 is bad in Chinese.

    Chinese New Year is all about luck... promos:
    Golden Pig Eggs that give luck when held. When spawned, you can feed them anything. And you won't get it back xD
    Moon Cake (pie) that gives temporary luck when eaten.
    Cooked Duck (chicken) that gives temporary luck when eaten.
    Lucky Fireworks that give temporary luck when fired.
    Plum Blossom (pink tulip) that gives temporary luck when right-clicked while held.

    Long Life Noodles (bowl of... whatever looks the most noodly, or maybe string) that gives you temporary regen, health, or immunity.
    Red Envelopes (signed books) that can be redeemed for some amount of rupees (888?)
    Peace Apples that do nothing :D
    Red Lanterns that scare away phantoms when right clicked while held.
    Fertility Melon Seeds that when right clicked while held, spawn eight baby villagers all around you.