Post an Obnoxious Lie about the Player Above.

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by cTJx, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Mattie was kicked out of Idaho for giving the other spuds a bad name.
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  2. Does nobody understand this lie thing?

    Kephras is illiterate and his books are ghostwritten by John Deacon, of Queen bass fame.
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  3. Mattie hates pomegranate seeds :O
  4. Smooshed isnt actually a potato he's a rock!
  5. Sefl hates collecting Sports Cards
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  6. Gaming_Commander is actually Willy Wonka?!? :eek:
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  7. Joy is actually sad
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  8. thefriedmans is the real reason lemmings throw themselves into the sea.
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  9. How do you know this is not true lol

    Kepheas is a person who mines massive areas for fun

    If anyone wants to mine for money pm me 😂