Post an Obnoxious Lie about the Player Above.

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  1. Title says it all. Go as crazy as you want, just be sure that you abide to the EMC rules. (
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  2. cTJx is just on the contribution team because they're AlexC__'s secret alt.
  3. Sydney4363 knows the cure to cancer and is withholding it from the American population so that the pharmaceutical industry can make more money
  4. Sean is a law abiding citizen.
  5. Runder is an perfect example of a Star Student in kindness
  6. Roslyn smells like applesauce and not the good type of applesauce either. And not a lie, didn't Runder quit?
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  7. Hacked my computer, stole my post I was writing, submitted it for himself and got over 50 likes on it. I posted it myself when I regained access to my computer because I felt obliged to, but it got no likes and several people told me stealing from his post wasn't cool, before my post was removed by staff and I received a ban warning off them. Lost a very good friend who has been by my side since I signed up here in 2012 because of this event. A disgusting human being on every level.

    (p.s he didn't leave, he evolved)
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  8. synth_apparition only joined EMC to punish souls.
  9. Since you seem determined to bring this up on every single thread.
  10. ayy lmao

    Sydney's name refers to the city of Sydney, which is in the country of Australia, whose capital is Canberra, where he has committed multiple murders of high-ranking Australian politicians.
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  11. Doesn't like puppies
  12. This thread is funny, but I also smell flamebait in the making.


    Phelps is plotting to take over and waits for the right person to stare into his hypnotizing banner :p

    must. pay. phelps. 10. rupees, meow!

  13. Plot twist
    Shel only writes fun exciting long posts to distract us from discovering he is the head of the illuminati!
  14. Chespin doesn't actually know the English language. Instead, she uses an ancient alien manuscript similar to a Shakespeare play to type, which is conveniently the exact storyline of EMC.

    He's determined to bring it up for me as well
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  15. fun fact,sean actually enjoys talking to everyone on emc
  16. Qkazooo loves the company of children :)
  17. Roslyn is on the build team because SOMEONE has to dig the ground out
  18. dog?
  19. DIG, fixed
  20. TrumanIII is holding a stash of zombie apocalypse survival kits around the world in secure underground bunkers. He will leave us all for the zombies when the apocalypse hits.
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