Post an Obnoxious Lie about the Player Above.

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by cTJx, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. PeculiarPotato isn't peculiar and is actually an apple
  2. FalloutHood likes to hang out with Herobrine when he gets the chance.
  3. Foxy_Kitty started a murder cult, but had to disband it because Canadians are just too darn nice for that sort of thing.
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  4. GASP.

    Kep is an intelligent, real-life tiger. Yes...with glasses.
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  5. You're supposed to post lies about people, tho.
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  6. Yo, that tiger don't got glasses though.

    Kephras doesn't actually have glasses and just wears them in his profile picture because he thinks they make him look smart.
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  7. penfoldex only follows Kephras because he is jealous of his good looks.
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  8. Foxy likes to sniff pear skins.
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  9. Mattie the Spud thinks that Infinity War is a bad movie
  10. Because it is.

    Fallout is so called because he lives in a nuclear shelter in Wyoming.
  11. Reality is often disappointing.
  12. nopsnhojhtiek, I'm dissapointed that you think that sand is extremely dangerous and should be removed.
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  13. Ethy has a thing going with purpur blocks
  14. ^ that guy is on number one for TEXP lifetime
  15. Foxy begged for a free art commission. It didn't go over well.
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  16. Ethy is terrible at kerning
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  17. Mattie's never heard of the ender dragon, much less held it's egg. Even if they did, I think it would be quite dull not shiny.
  18. Ethy is the training dummy Marlix uses for target practice in its downtime.
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  19. damn, that was harsh.

    Keph's hacks can barely hack through a bad album!

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  20. It took nigh on 4 years of convincing to get him to let me hold that egg for the screenie

    Ethy only plays EMC to flirt with the eyender as its their only form of interpersonal training.