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  1. Love it, I'm lv 11 and i got a 601 nedoking yesterday. TEAM MYSTIC FOR LYF
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  2. The easiest way to level up is to use lucky eggs right when you are about to have an egg hatch or running into a lot of new pokemon.
  3. I don't have a lucky egg. What does it do?
  4. My top CB pokemon -
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  5. Gives you 2x experiance for 30 minutes. I believe you get on at level 8 or 9
  6. Oh. Well then my plan would be to wait until I get to level 10, incubate 3 5km eggs at the same time, and use the lucky egg as they're all about to hatch :D
  7. exactly! like all the Raticate's I have, were once low ratattas, but I evolved 3 out of the 4 with a lucky egg on (an evolution is 1k exp w/o the egg)
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  8. All im gonna say is that Zapdos counters both Articuno and Moltres. So, yknow, heres proof that Instinct is the Superior Team
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  9. I have a smartphone (iPhone 4), I just need a smarter one (iPhone 5). :p
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  10. I haven't found much.. I'm level 5 and my highest is a level 116 Eevee
  11. I am going downtown tomorrow and there will be lots of folks popping lures and stuff. We have an organized Team Valor Facebook page and we will take over every gym we see.
  12. my tablet wont let me do it. the whole tablet crashes after i make my character

    Sadly most of gyms around me are blue and everytime I take one down within the hour it gets taken back, lol.
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  14. Which city?
  15. Level 14 currently, almost 15. Also Team Valor!
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  16. Haven't got much around me in my town, not much even if I travel a fair bit :p It would be nice for smaller places to have more things... it's nice when I'm visiting places like London, though, lots and lots to get! :)
  17. Team Mystic!
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  18. Anyone have any tips or advice for a complete noob? Ive never played pokemon before, never seen the movies. I got Pokemon go but I'm running into this game without knowing anything whatsoever.
  19. this is more of a vr game then a pokemon game so if you followed the tutorial you should be fine
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