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  1. Hey everyone anyone else pumped for pokemon go? feel free to discuss and post screenshots :D
  2. I'd like to check it out; I don't have a smartphone, though.
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  3. If you are not playing this you are missing out. It is bringing people who love games together. Outside. I was in Sarasota FL about 7 hours from home walking in their downtown and met and played with about 20 different people. IN the sun. and 102F. In my home town there is a huge battle between team valor and team mystic to control the gyms.
  4. I want to play this sooo bad, but it's not out for Brazil yet :(
  5. So after hearing the hype I decided to download the app. Then I started to wonder what pokemon are, what do they do?

    And then I found some little green fellow on my keyboard. After throwing a stack of balls at it I eventually worked out to "throw" further. The 3D aspect was lost on me a bit. But I prevailed and my first ever pokemon was captured, a Bulbasaur! Err yeah, what's that then?

    Anyway, I had to leave the house today and found myself passing by one of my city's favourite tourist spots (Hillarys Boat Harbour). The place was packed with pokemon and I ended up adding around twenty types to my collection.

    I missed a Dratini though, I have heard CrystalDragon13 wanted one of those so I knew what it looked like, apparently it was "nearby".

    There were also gyms there but I had no idea what they were about so I left them alone (also, I was level 1 when I got there). The defenders looked tough, 300+ CP. And even byh the end of my mission, my magikarp and zubats, tentacools and squirtles, even the doduos and psyducks didn't look like they had a chance.

    I visited the stops and after spinning a few I had picked up more balls, potions, revives and eggs.

    90 minutes later...

    I finally went and visited the customer like I was supposed to.

    On the way back, I passed by Hillarys again. And the urge was too strong, I stopped in and grabbed some more Pokemon. Even got a couple of new types. After taking another work call I headed back to the car hoping to pick up a couple new balls and maybe a pokemon or two. I passed by 2 gyms, one that had only just appeared. And just as I was about to leave I spotted one.

    A couple had just picked up the scent and as I wandered over he nabbed it. I checked my screen and saw the same one. I quickly threw my ball and got it first throw! Woohoo! Now, what was it? Oh, what this thing, a Vaporeen? Never heard of it. Ohhh, 326 CP? Wow!

    Now I just need to learn the next step!
  6. ;( Rip!

    I have the game and it's been giving me a better reason to go outside! I caught a golem in my bedroom with pokeballs xD

    On my way to lunch, my phone buzzed indicating there was a pokemon nearby, apparently a bulbasaur was having a picnic in the cafeteria and I interrupted it. In case your curious, I live in a desert. I will get me a vulpix sooner or later!
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  7. You did spell Bulbasaur right, however this is how you spell Vaporeon :)
    You don't really need to worry about how pokemon works until you decide to challenge the gyms, think of it as a game of rock paper scissors, some pokemon have advantages over others while it also has weaknesses. When your not sure what pokemon to use, use a fighting type like mankey and machop, most pokemon will be weak to those.
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  8. A what and a what? *checks pokedex, has neither*

    What about the Vaporeon? Or a Pinsir? Horsea maybe?

    I have no idea.
  9. I've been playing the crap out of this and I even *voluntarily* left the house on Saturday to go on a 3 mile walk to play this game. I also found a Staryu on the far side of the post office's parking lot and well I just couldn't pass that up and a Pokestop that they oddly placed in the back of the fire department so I had to get pretty close to the building in order to tag it. Worth it :p

    My one complaint/rant (not much of a complaint since they can't really fix this) is I'm not sure how the hell people are already having Pokemon that are at 900+ CP. They're dominating nearly every gym near me and the weakest gym I could find in my area was 700 CP. My highest one currently is 155 CP. Now I know that there's going to be some people that go absolutely nuts and in-app purchase the heck out of it just to get a boost, but 900 CP seems really far progress to get within 3 days of the app being out.

    Just me, or everyone else too?
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  10. I am so hyped for it, I am definitely playing it for a while ;)
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  11. From what I have noticed you start getting higher CP pokemon the higher you level up. That and you gotta catch every single pokemon you find, so you can power up your most powerful ones of that kind.
    Now that I am level 13, I am getting some high CP pokemon, i.e. the CP 629 Arcanine that spawned around me yesterday and the CP 545 Rapidash the day before.
    In my town I am one of the strongest, with one of my friends from high school right next to me
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  12. Okay, maybe I'm just awful then. I got to level 7 this morning lol.
  13. I've already spent like $20 on in app purchases so this may see extreme, lol..
    My highest being +12oo Ninetales with lots of other pokes hovering around 800-1000cp

    I've also been playing for like 4-6 hours for past few days and just been grinding Poke stops and evolving pokes with lucky egg on to get crazy EXP.
    I do have an advantage living in NY cause there's pokestops and gyms all over, so I do think it is kinda unfair to others.

    If you want high CP pokes just get a higher trainer level, I'm only level 14 but the higher level you get the higher the CP range of pokes around you get.
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  14. Yeah.. I'm luckily in Boston for the entire summer but I can see it getting pretty lame once I go back home for school. My friends have been telling me you basically need to drive to get anything and there isn't much around, which kind of sucks.

    At least there's a decent amount of stops around here.
  15. lol I'm watching the TODAY show and its explaining the game right now. I heard everyone's been getting injuries from the game. :/
  16. I haven't died yet.
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  17. I think there's a few cases that are being blown out of proportion since the game is so hot and popular right now, the bad things always get more attention than the good things.

    I almost got hit by a car, but it was definitely my fault.
    Please everyone playing pay attention to what's going on around you and make sure you're safe!

    And don't EVER drive and play. :(
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  18. I'm lucky with the area I'm currently living at because theres a bunch of pokestops within walk distance that I go to. However finding rare pokemon can be a challenge because its a small town I'm in. Though I'm pretty sure I'm doing good with stops at this time cause even before I make a full round of going through pokestops the previous ones refresh.
  19. Unless you're just following the game map for poke stops and then pull over each time you want to interact with it. I suppose no harm in that. But definitely don't catch anything or tag anything while you're behind the wheel. No Ratatta is worth that much :p
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