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    This thread brought up this suggestion to the community. 13 people total said this was a good idea. Only 1 person has liked the original post. This shouldn't be a thing. Please, if you like an idea, Like the idea! If they posted a good suggestion, then they deserve the gosh darn like.
    2 likes -- 10 '+1'
    0 likes -- 7 '+1'
    0 likes -- 3 '+1'

    That is just on the first page. It doesn't apply to every thread of course.
  2. Yeah, I really don't get how people say "+1" instead of liking a post. It kind of bothers me, too.
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  3. +1
  4. Lol I usually don't even think about it
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  5. In the examples you linked above I missed two and felt lukewarm about the others and hadn't added input until now. I don't always feel like I can completely agree with the Poll choices so I often Like instead of Vote if I would like to see it implemented. I'll usually do one or both if I favor it, since that is what seems more likely to be seen by Staff rather than a comment.
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  6. -1 >:D
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