[SUGGESTION] mob/boss statues

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What do you think

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Do it 17 vote(s) 63.0%
Don't do it 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Maybe once land claim and dragon tombs 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Nice idea but doesn't work for emc 1 vote(s) 3.7%
  1. While messing around in SP got a idea, if in diff 10 when you kill a boss/mob there is a VERY low chance that they could drop a "statue". So a "statue" would be a shiny spawn egg of what ever it is(shiny pig egg, shiny creeper egg, ect.). When placed it spawns a NoAI, Silent, Invulnerable mob. These mobs can't move, atack, jump, or do anything, don't make sound and can't be killed by the player just re-egged. These make great house decoration, would be a interesting thing, not that hard to program, and best of all bring back boss drop market.

    EDIT:from the suggestion of everyone else, add these into the armorstand limit or create their own limit

    I know, aikar and the dev team have a lot to do, and this isn't that important, but do you like it?
    tell me what you think down below
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  2. I like it, and its actually very easy to do. You can do this in vanilla. You'd renamed the spawn egg 'Marlix Statue' then via execute commands it would summon a no AI, silent, invulnerable mob. It'd be something like /execute @e[type="Skeleton",Name=Marlix Statue] /kill @e[type="Skeleton",Name=Marlix Statue] /summon Skeleton [Riding:Bat, *insert equipment here*, noAI:1, Silent:1, invincible:1]
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  3. Yep thats how I came up with the idea... I was decorating a masion with "NoAI" mobs and got the idea
  4. I like the idea, and even though 1.9 changed the way NoAI works, I think that method should still work out ok. Even if that method doesn't work, I am sure Aikar has even more ways of implementing this should he decide to do so... :)
  5. +1
    I also was thinking about this. I think it'd be a great idea. What would be cool is if zombies and skeletons could be equipment with armour and tools. Then you could make mini Marlixes and Momos with them :)
  6. +1
    There would of course be a limit per residence. It would be pretty cool to have.
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  7. This is a really good idea. Might scare some new players :p
  8. +1

    I fight bosses too much, it would be great to get some statues of my favorite rage-creating mobs!
  9. +1

    I think this is great to have unless it causes a lot of bugs regarding dissappearing statues etc.
  10. I see what you are thinking.... but named mobs don't despawn right?
  11. Ocelots can :(
  12. I think this is a great idea! +1 :)
  13. Hm, sounds cool. Only in town, though!
  14. +1. Great idea, but Aikar may not allow/be able to do it. We have armour stands anyway. :p
  15. nice, great idea. but when the 1.9.0 update will come it will get a bit harder with the codes.
  16. I haven't played much snapshots.... what do they do in 1.9?

    Also bumpado
  17. +1, I likey this idea. Like many others said, these "statues" would have a limit to them on the res. Probably under the armor stands/items (not in total) section. They can make it armor stands/items/statues?
  18. I agree with a limit... I will edit it in
  19. Ive played the snapshot, but it lagged so much I barely tested the new mod and the elitra D:
    so I only read that some stuff has changed in 1.9.0 from the news. P.S. minecraft 1.9.0 is coming in 6 days :D
  20. Commands haven't changed, only got easier