[SUGGESTION] Voter's Arrow

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Good idea?

Yes 22 vote(s) 68.8%
No 4 vote(s) 12.5%
Needs work 5 vote(s) 15.6%
Why would anyone want this??? 1 vote(s) 3.1%
  1. If you are anything like me, you use almost nothing but voter's gear. And if you are even more like me, you like to wither fight. And when you are using leather armor against a big mess of a boss, it doesn't end up well and you are constantly looking for another arrow. It seems like a small problem for those who don't boss hunt, however it would be nice as we have a voters tool for literally everything else, maybe make it so you can't pick up someone else's arrow if possible? Any thoughts?
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  2. I have always been thinking about this and I am glad someone suggested it xD +1
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  3. Did you think of this right after we had spent maybe 20 minutes trying to take down that one wither while trying to keep at least one arrow in our inventory. xD

    Also +1
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  4. Mayyyyyyybe XD
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  5. Any other opinions? I see lots of yes in the poll :)
  6. The only problem i see with this is just the arrow being partially OP. Its hard to explain but pretty much as soon as you die and respawn you already are armed and can hit mobs directly in front of you (assuming you have the voter sword) and now you are also ranged.
  7. I have to agree with Sam up there, I think this is too OP. The way it is now there is at least some challenge left: get your arrows back (even 1 will do if you have your voters bow) and then continue to fight. Or use your sword of course.

    So I'm going to have to go with -1 on this one.
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  8. However the bow is only power 1 and your sword is sharpness one with barely any protection already so the arrow just seems to make it a little more fair
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  9. Give this arrow some cool stuff like sharpness I and infinity so it lasts forever, that would be so cool. I mean it would take forever to vote and get it but it would be so worth it. +1
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  10. I see no problem with the arrow except if you accidentally shoot it with a regular bow, as I just said in sam's reply, your armor and tools are already pretty basic and you die extremely fast, I'd just like to even the playing field a little, know what I'm saying?
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  11. +1 But I think I already suggested this idea :p I think there should be a time limit though, this can get too OP. Maybe you could use it for 1 whole Minecraft day/night cycle and then you have to wait 1-3 day/night cycles again.
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  12. Maybe the arrow can only be used for voters bow.... that would make it less OP
  13. I really like your idea! And sorry if you already posted it lol couldn't find another suggestion for it, but this would be nice as it is no longer too OP but makes fighting fair
  14. Voters...gear...is....not...designed...for...withers...and...is...already...overpowered...
    - all of them
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  15. Why not?

    Kind of true :p
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  16. It's leather with cruddy enchants, iron armor beats it in any combat scenario and is easier to get.
    EDIT: Well, cruddy COMBAT enchants, the helmet is quite useful for clay gathering
  17. +1. if it is only usable for the Voter's Bow and it is given 50-100 days after the bow is given from voting...
  18. The thing is that it doesn't drop when you die, and I tend to die a lot :p (but I must be honest, and say that I haven't fought a Wither in the last 3 years or whatever, lol)
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  19. +1 A way you could make it less OP and still have it soul bound would be to have a new term added called "Ruppee Tipped" every time you fire an arrow it would cost around 10r.

    You also could have a "second teir" to the arrows come 1.9 you could some of the potion Tipped arrows.
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