[SUGGESTION] Voter's Shield

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What do you think of this idea?

+1 32 vote(s) 84.2%
-1 6 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. 1.9 is comming, and the new item Shield along with it. Since EMC has all the voter's variants of almost all minecraft tools and weapons, why not add in a voter's shield along with it? It should have the attributes soulbound, unbreakable, final, and voting reward, but should still have the ability to be combined with a banner, thus adding more customizable aspects into the voter's gear.
  2. All of the current Voters items have checks in place to ensure they don't become overpowered. For example, picks only have Efficiency I, armor is a low tier and has low-level enchantments, and the sword is only Sharpness I. I like the idea of a Voters shield, but am worrying that this might be a little bit too much of that overused word--overpowered.

    +1 to the idea, I just can't think of anything that could act as a drawback to the shield.
  3. Good idea +1 :)
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  4. +1
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  5. I'm really against 1.9 right now, so I say -1. If EMC did update to 1.9(Plz no), then it would be cool.
    So overall, -0
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  6. I like, +1

    I also agree with Penguin up there though, but the thing is... It seems to me that the only major difference between this shield and a regular one is the durability. And as to customization: the (leather) voters armor is also marked Final yet we can still dye or wash it. So here's hoping that the same can apply to the shield.
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  7. +1

    I like the idea myself, but as others have said.
    I don't know how this would not be too overpowered as the only
    enchants that can be applied to it are mending and unbreaking. (as far as I know anyways...)
    Knowing that the Voter's Shield would most likely be unbreakable,
    It would make the other two enchants on the shield useless, and thus overpowered...
    If there is another way to do this however, Yes I love the idea... :)
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  8. For reasons already stated -1

    Except the thing about not updating. I will probably play more after 1.9 and I can't wait
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  9. Good idea! If it does become to OP, couldn't development tweak the properties of the shield to make it fairer?
  10. I love the idea, maybe to make it less op when you have it on you get slowness 1...
  11. +1, because I was thinking about this yesterday with 1.9 and all. Still, what do shields do in this case?
  12. They block all arrows, and direct melee attacks.
  13. I'm sure that a server not centered around PvP would still update even if PvP was drastically changed. :p

    -1, would be a bit OP and would completely destroy the need to craft a shield.

    The shield has no enchantments that would benefit the user over the voter's shield.
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  14. -1 as Stonesky stated, it is OP

    on other items that we already items can be modify-able so it wouldn't affect much, but with shields you are giving the OP shield (as it can't be "upgraded"). so in comparison in items we have you are getting a pretty awesome but not so efficient pict, with the shield you are getting an "orebuster with unbreakable and soul bound" Too OP
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  15. I am sorry but I have to say -1
    There is only one type of shield... So if you get an umbreakable one, there will be no more point about making a shield.
    Those shield would be "OP".
  16. It's never optional to update...

    We will see when time permits to investigate the strength of such an item but we def want to try to provide one of each type. maybe just no enchants
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  17. Agreed, no enchants.