Make /h an alias for /home

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Make /h an alias for /home?

Yes 17 vote(s) 77.3%
No 5 vote(s) 22.7%
  1. I find myself teleporting to my res a lot on different servers. I think this would make it a little more convienent.
    Note: If you do /h on any server, you get unknown command. We wouldn't have to remove anything to make this work.
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  2. +1 Who doesn't love convienence?
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  3. +1. Why not? It would also be very easy to implement. :)
  4. me.... I think you should have to type out a 60 digit string to go to each res :D
  5. eh that one worries me. what if we develop a new feature that could have more authority to be used as /h later?

    I prefer to reserve single letter commands to major features. Cause once its used, its hard to re-assign.
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  6. Good thinking, and we know u r a good thinker. But what can be more authoritative than home?
  7. Maybe /h 1 and /h 2, etc.? Having that interfere with a differnt command would be really bad luck :p
  8. You could always remove it later if really necessary
  9. Technically, you could, but it would break a habit for many people, which would suck the big time :p
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  10. Hmm, this is kind of tough. I'm still for the idea, though. I do like what Kaizimir said.
  11. Hm... how fast do you type or how often do you need to do /home if /h would even save you a second per week? :p
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  12. You can also press tab after typing /h to auto complete.

    /home is already a short command. if a major feature was added, i rather it have /h.

    it could also be used for /help.
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