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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Two things I discovered today: Piwi is much smaller than I thought, and Sixx is much taller than I thought :)

    Had tons of fun hanging out with & getting to meet the ever lovely 607 <3 small shoutout to EMC for bringing us together in the first place :p
  2. Ooh what a coincidence, I met Dufne too!! :D
    We had a great time, and even saw some cool paintings. ;)
    I can't top Dufne's caption so here's the picture. :p
  3. a fellow super curly haired one! woot :p
  4. I'm glad to see that Piwi made an appearance. :)
  5. Fun fact, I was roughly half a head taller than our 607 when we met. 607, I belive you were 6 3" or 1.91m? I'm 6 9" or 2.05m :p
    I don't fit under doorframes, I need a special bed and I cannot look myslef in the eyes in the mirror of most public bathrooms/toilets (as my eye level is above the top of the mirror).
    I have been meaning to make a picture of that and post it here for some time (=for more than two years everytime I have been on hollidays), but I tend to forget that kind of stuff...
    Maybe somtime soon(tm) :p

    Anyway, sounds you had some fun :)
  6. Nope, I'm 6 5" I think. :p But yes, you are certainly taller. My father was as tall. I do have a friend who's probably taller than you, though. ;)
    And yes we did, thanks for the comment!
  7. *First thing that comes to mind* "He must be Dutch"

    I take that back - I am half Dutch and am less than 5'4, the Dutch side of the family is short, the Irish/Scottish is tall. Idk why.

    Edit: I love the pics btw! :D
  8. Are dutch people known to be tall or is this just a coincidence? :p
  9. Dutch women are the tallest in the world on average, Dutch men come in third place... We are taller than most people indeed :p
  10. Yes, as far as I know the Dutch are the tallest people on earth. These very tall heights are fairly recent: if you go to houses from before WWII you'll see normal door heights, which the average Dutch male now has to stoop under. :p
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  11. Wait a second, that's an Andrew Huang shirt! :eek:
  12. :D
  13. Sixx v2, electric boogaloo
    But actually tho, there's a bit of a story that goes with this.
    So, way back in the good ol' month of March, I get a discord message

    ...and it just so happens that...

    ...and one thing leads to another.

    The three of us try to come up with plans to meet, but we're all so busy with school and life and not dropping out of school that we never really decide on any formal plans. Eventually (and way later than we should), we decide that Duf and I weren't going to be in the same place at the same time, at all. In fact, our trips were almost identical, except in reverse; I was going to the Netherlands, then Belgium, then Paris, and she was going to Paris, then Belgium, then the Netherlands. Just to add insult to injury, the two of us were going from the Netherlands/Belgium to Belgium/the Netherlands respectively at the exact same time on the exact same day; we were going to be passing each other with no place to meet. We decided that the best we could do was to each meet 607 individually. I was going to meet up with him the first day of my trip when I was staying in Amsterdam, and Dufne would figure things out, eventually. That was all fine and dandy, until another issue arose.
    Somehow, despite having the trip's plan for three months and having multiple check it countless time, we thought that my plane was leaving Vancouver on Monday and arriving in the Netherlands on Monday.
    I was arriving in the Netherlands on Tuesday.
    Monday was when I was supposed to meet 607 in Amsterdam, and I had train tickets to Paris for Wednesday, so I couldn't stay any longer.
    We knew that 607 and Dufne were meeting at the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam on Thursday, and my schedule for Thursday was "Do local stuff in Belgium", so it was basically a free day. However, it was a 3 hour train ride to Amsterdam from where I was, and the tickets were just shy of €200 because it was on such short notice. Although the opportunity was there and I'm sure that Duf and 607 are lovely people, I was only in Europe for so many days, and that was an awful lot of time and money to spend when both were in such short supply. The two of them did end up meeting at the van Gogh museum (as seen above), but I wasn't able to be there with them. ;(
    However, there was one last opportunity. I was taking a train to the Amsterdam airport, and there was about an hour before I wanted to get checked in and go to my gate. So, plans were made, I arrived at the airport, and lo and behold, there stood a tree of a Dutchman who was just shy of one-and-a-half Dufnes tall, and who really seemed to like this weird bird-like thing that he called "Piwi".

    tl;dr: 607 and I *finally* managed to meet, photos are in the spoilers below :p

    I learned three things as we were meeting.
    Piwi is tiny. I thought he was going to be a comfortable fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand size, sort of the size of one of those Club Penguin puffle plushies, if anyone had those. Nope, piwi fits in your fingers.

    That little bird is probably four inches tall. It's a smol bean. Coincidentally, it's about the same size as Dufne. :p
    ily nubbles please don't stab me for all these short jokes <3

    607 is a tree. I knew he was tall, but that's an understatement. I'm pretty average-sized, and I barely come up to his chin.

    What a handsome lad, is he not?

    It takes the average Rhy just over 7 years and 2 months to show a photo of himself to the general public.

    (In case you can't tell, I'm the one on the left :p)
    (Also, piwi's on my head. You can't really tell if it's not pointed out because we're not up against a solid background.)

    There we go, all the mystery shrouding my identity is gone. Carry on with your lives. Yet another shoutout to EMC for bringing two random guys from the internet to the same place at the same time ✌️
  14. This is a cool post; it's got some misinformation but that's fine, the general message is correct. ;)
    I wanted to add something else but eh, this page has got plenty of me already. :rolleyes: :D
    And yet I wouldn't mind a couple more meetings over the summer... EMC's just got so many amazing people! :)
  15. I probably messed up the order of events, but in my defense, it was 2 am and I hadn't slept for about 29 hours before this :p
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  16. Omg.. you actually showed your face :eek: nice haircut! Glad y'all got to meet each other :D
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  17. Wow, looks like 607 is meeting everyone. Haha

    I wonder if we'll meet? Nah, that won't ever happen.
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  18. Should've slept first, eh? xD

    Hm. Might do one last more share... Maybe.
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  19. Sleep is for the weak
  20. weekend*
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