Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2019 Edition)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. hello
    I like your selfie btw
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  2. literally everyone: So, deadmon5 you wanna explain what happened to smp8 the other day?

  3. sssssshhhhhhhhhh tell no one
  4. Got to fulfill the duty and post in here, while the year hasn't ended! Mirror selfie, but who cares lol
    Have a great day, fellow EMCers <3

  5. I have the same soap
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  6. it has been 0 days since i bought a new plant

  7. Scuffed.

    Got a haircut today and some pomade, trying out this hairstyle, how does it look?

    yes i'm almost 6'0 ladies...

  8. Take me please!
    Anyways I should show a quick photo of myself
  9. CDLI 2019

    Bonus photo of me being chaotic:
  10. Very nice. :)
  11. t pose
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  12. Establish dominance
  13. yessir
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  14. i am but a watermelon!

  15. The only university related picture I've shared so far was one in which I was the only person...
    so here's one with friends! :D (it's a few weeks old)
    This is the AiAiAi commission, we create our study association's newspaper. :) For an upcoming edition, we wanted a casino story/review, and we decided to treat it as a day trip for the whole commission.

    In case you didn't know: I'm fifth from the left.
    I reckon it'd been about 8 years since I'd worn that type of shirt. :D (I thought it was called 'blouse', but looking it up it doesn't seem like it)
    Isn't this a cool picture, though? It's remarkable everyone looks good on it! Maybe the sunglasses help. ;)

  16. What kind of casino laws do you have in the Netherlands? I ask only because I've only ever seen casinos where you have to be over 21 to enter
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  17. You have to be 18, which also is the drinking age. Apart from that, most laws are stricter. A casino needs to be in an inclosed area you enter, the slot machines on the side of the road you ahve in the US and Germany would be illegal, a casino must spent a certain amount of their income as price money (about 80% I believe) (making most US casino's compelatly illegal) and every casino must be compleatly checked and accepted by law officials every few weeks.
    I did not recheck anything, it is what I can remember :p
  18. Hey! Nice photo!
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