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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Due to requirements from the Mojang EULA, soon Supporters can no longer gain extra max residences as part of their perks.

    However, due to a grandfather clause, anyone who purchases a residence before the perk is removed can keep it!

    So, to assist with users who would like to purchase max res LIMIT increases, we have added an option to purchase vouchers that *soon* can be redeemed for an increase to your official "Residence Maximum".

    UPDATE:We just reduced the price of this to 30$ for each! If you purchased at 50$, please PM an Admin your transaction ID and we can either refund you 20$ or credit you 250k rupees (that's a bit more than 20$ worth of rupees)

    What's the cost?
    The cost is 30$ USD per Residence Upgrade. We think this price is fair considering that this upgrade is permanent vs the 1 month time span Gold/Diamond itself provides.

    What about my existing Residences?
    Absolutely nothing will happen to any claimed Residences as long as they do not go derelict.

    What's different about this compared to now?

    This upgrade will be PERMANENT! That means, even if you lose supporter, you will then still keep the max res limit upgrade.

    Additionally, when using vouchers you can get up to 6 Residences per account!

    What if I am already a supporter or was a supporter?

    Any new Gold or Diamond Supporter, and all PREVIOUS Gold and Diamond Supporters, will have their "Residence Maximum" set to 2 permanently.

    Grandfather requires the perk be obtainable
    This may affect your choice in how many extra Residence upgrades to purchase, so listen up!

    Free Members
    You will be able to Earn a "Residence Maximum" of THREE (3). One will be our base and two more will be obtainable through tokens/voting (exact requirements undecided at this time). In order to get to the Limit of 6, you would need to purchase/trade for 3 vouchers.

    Veteran Supporters and Current Supporters
    You will receive another extra Residence Upgrade. This means that you can Earn a "Residence Maximum" to FOUR (4). One base, one for veteran supporter-ship, and two through tokens/voting). In order to get to the limit of 6, you would need to purchase/trade for 2 vouchers.

    What If I use a voucher while my current Diamond is active, before it's removed?
    Before we remove the perk, you will be able to claim up to 4 Residences as a Diamond member, and any Vouchers used will stack on top of this.
    For example, As Diamond your Permanent base is 2, then you receive 2 temporary boost.
    Using a voucher brings your base permanent to 3, then with the 2 temporary you now have 5.

    However, once you lose Diamond, you will lose the temporary 2 bonus, and you will then be at 5/3 or 6/4. You must then have 2 more Vouchers ready to use to then get back to 6/6 once Diamond has been removed.

    Your Residence Maximum LIMIT is 6 no matter how many vouchers you purchase.

    There are no refunds so please do not buy more than you will need or want to sell.

    What If I pay for more than 6?
    The purchase is rewarded by in game mail as a voucher. You may sell this item to another player.

    Ok I'm still confused
    Here is some better wording described by SkyDragonV8:
    And there is one more thing!
    You may also purchase permanent derelict protection status for the same price, 30$ USD.

    This will also be sent in voucher form, so you can sell it if you wish. This option however is EULA compliant and will now be permanently offered!

    So you can gift someone permanent derelict protection or use it as a contest reward.

    Can I auction these items?
    Yes. These items can be auctioned off as a single item.


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  3. I apologize for any confusing wording - If you have suggestions on rewording any of this, please let me know!

    I couldn't get a hold of krysyy to go over this but wanted to post before people started finding it on their own.
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  4. Perhaps it is me, perhaps it is your wording.

    I am a Regular Member, previous supporter, and I currently own 4 residences. This this thing comes out I keep my residences but have a max cap of 2 until I get the 2 earn-able ones right?

    I am very disappointed on the EULA. I hope EMC stays strong!
  5. Yes. It's the same as it is today for you, except you will have 1 more "Max Res" than you do now. Then, once you get your 2 earned res's, you would be free to unclaim one res and claim another as your max will be back to 4 (permanently)
  6. And then I can buy up to 2 more residences?
  7. Correct
  8. I'm going to make the 2 earn-able ones in voucher form too, so if someone wants to buy their way up to 6, you can then sell the extras.
  9. alright so its been a long day at work so bear with me on this. i see you use "permanent" alot with the res's what is it that you are getting at. i also see you talking about being able to unclaim a res and claim a new one in its place. does that mean we can just unclaim and claim a new one that one time or be able to do it as we want? and what about the part where we have 2 perm res's to start does that mean the other plots we own will be unavailable to us until we reclaim?
  10. You'll lose 2 residences, going by his first statement. You'll be able to "earn" 2 more, though the "how" hasn't been quite figured out, yet. If you buy 2 residences through this offer, you'll have 4 permanently and able to earn 2 more, for a max of 6 residences.
  11. Technically. You will keep all your residences physically, but if you unclaim 1 you cannot claim another until you raise your res cap.
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  12. When you are a supporter, your "Max Res" is set to 2/4, but when you lose supporter, it goes back to 1.

    This new option raises your permanent base amount by 1, so the amount you can claim as a free player.

    So yes, once you have your "Max Res" to 4, you can unclaim and reclaim as much as you want in the future, even as a free player.

    There would be no more of the current scenario where a free player has 4 residences but cant unclaim one as the max is 1.

    But, until you get back up to 4, you'll still be unable to unclaim the 3rd and 4th too, except while the current perks are in effect.

    I wish I could figure out how to phrase this in an easier to understand way.

    Can someone find a better way to describe it ._.
  13. As it stands today, nothing will happen to EXISTING Residences as long as you are not derelict.

    What this is about is the little number that is stored with your name that controls how many residences max you're allowed to have.

    A previous Diamond supporter who is free today currently stands at 4/1 Residences. Soon they will be default 4/2.

    Then when they earn the 2 extra, they will be 4/4, and have the same 4 residence system Diamond members enjoy today.
  14. Thanks for the clarification, Big Kahuna :)
  15. Wow.. already confused trying to read over that first post. Gonna have to go over it a few more times to try and figure this out. :p Kinda worried though that im gonna lose my extra res's I planned to expand upon. :S
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  16. I'm still confused about this. I BLAME MOJANG FOR ME BEING CONFUSED RIGHT NOW
  17. Anything you already have claimed will be unaffected. Check some of the initial replies.

    It's identical to the scenario we have today of Diamond losing supporter, except that with the EULA, EVERYONE is losing the extra res perk.

    Then these items will be able to bring you back up to more than 1.
  18. so i have several reses, but say i stop supporting will i have 2 Perm reses? or only one i dont really understand. What if you have been a supporter for a long time also? coz for example i was a diamond supporter for 2 years and downgraded to gold to save money for college. Am i the same situation as someone who got diamond or gold today? or would someone like me get something bonus?
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