Name Changing has Arrived!

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Do you plan on switching names?

Yes 47 vote(s) 39.8%
Maybe 27 vote(s) 22.9%
No 44 vote(s) 37.3%
  1. Are you going to change your name?
    Have you already changed your name?
    What name did you snag?

    A little forewarning: If you change your name, you will still have your old name on EMC until Aikar updates the Empire to use the new UUID
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  2. Got Hamster_ on an account :)
  3. Definitely not changing my name
  4. Everyone has always known me as FDNY21, I'll be keeping this name forever! Changed my alt Marlixias to quattro, thinking of changing my secret alt name too. Not sure if I'll change CommanderCustard's name... We'll see :p
  5. Claimed 'AltPunisher' on my...well... alt :p (You guys will probably know it as something related to keyboards... :rolleyes:)

    For the time being, 'SoulPunisher' is still going to be a thing until I can come up with something better. If I keep doing how I do, I'll have a new name every time I'm able to change it >.> Plus, people won't recognize me. And I've also grown quite attached to my name.
  6. I don't know what I'm going to change to.
    WhiskasKitten, JanuaryKitten, I don't really know.
    I just want to get rid of the numbers:I
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  7. Mine is too cool to change! :)
  8. Got Tigerstar on this account... Brokenstar approaches...
  9. I might consider changing one of my alt's names. Not sure though.
  10. I won't be changing hashhog3000, as I feel that I have a lot of identity and history tied up in this name. I may, however, change TheApostrophe's name to a more alt-like name. I am still considering it. :)
  11. Changed my alts name as soon as it came out lol
  12. I have my name at haastregt for 3 years already, and it is the perfect name, it means something related to me, doesnt have numbers in it and isnt a strange combination of words. Besides that, I use this name everywhere, and I know myself as haas or haastregt and others do. It will take a very long time to get used to another name and I feel like alot of memmory will be losed.
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  13. I changed my name. :p
  14. My name change was a success! Once they are supported, I'll be known as "ForeverMaster"
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  15. Out of curiosity, where would one go to change their name?
  16. Aaaaw, now you ruined the mystery & surprise for me :p

    I'll just pretend I never read this ;)
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  18. I got the name "Bible" on an alt and "GGWP" on this account.
  19. I got Bro_im_infinito on an alt, and got King_Of_RuppeZ on another alt
  20. DAYUM gg on Bible x3
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