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  1. Hello all. Today I will be sharing what my view on what the Empire has become recently. Let's start off with UHC. UHC is fun and all, but it's time to face the facts. Too many people get banned from it because they were falsely accused. Now I won't be saying names, but I'm pretty sure we know who I'm talking about. But it's not just that which concerns me, it's the way staff reacts to it. Now that I've mentioned staff, let me talk more about my thoughts on staff.

    In my eyes, staff has been abusing their powers in a sense. Let's talk about staff in UHC. Are you really going to believe somebody claiming that another person is using x-ray because they found an expensive item such as a diamond? It's absurd! Not only that, but recently there was an event in which somebody (Whose name I will not mention) got muted for what was in my eyes was an obvious joke, but in the staff member's eyes (Which again, I will not mention) took it as offence. Here are quotes from another incident that had occurred a while back:

    After reading this, it proves that there are staff that cannot handle being criticized. The staff saying "If you have found me afk..." shows that they have felt insulted from being criticized. Anyways, lets move on to the community. If staff can not handle being criticized in such a minor way, why are they even a part of staff? Nobody is perfect, and that is why people get criticized.

    Honestly, most of the SMPs have become filled with people asking for items, causing drama, seeking attention, etc. Now I've only been here for a little less than 200 days, but in my earlier days, this was not how the Empire was like. Back then, the Empire was matured, and now we have people giving addresses (This hasn't happened many times and it is a rare event, but I'm just mentioning it for the heck of it :p) even have people telling others if they don't like a part of the Empire, they should just leave!
    TL;DR, (Time to use the good old famous quote) the Empire isn't the same as it was before. There are issues with events, staff, and the community.

    Side note: Does this mean that I hate the Empire? Not at all! I'm just stating my thoughts of what the Empire has become nowadays.
  2. I totally agree with you.
  3. My thoughts EGSACTLY.
  4. *Exactly
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  5. Bear, I love you to the moon and back.
  6. Don't forget to mention that players can't express how they feel/state their opinions. It's sad to see one player constantly being bashed upside their head for something that they feel is right. Just because an individual has an opinion doesn't mean you have the right to bash a player's skull for something that they believe in. That's one of the most important things that EMC has lost. The respect of an individuals opinion. :(
  7. Dude, I got muted for calling myself annoying today, I think that's nough said.
  8. This played a big part in why I made this thread. I eventually grew tired of keeping it in
  9. :p
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  10. I personally think the staff trying to correct this and are going in the right direction with aikar giving a poll for us to decide about what me want the next update to be, so I think this problem may be gone in a while.
  11. It'll take a lot more than polls asking for our opinions.

    We can't have a thread on religion, EMC can't handle it.
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  12. Well, I agree with you on some parts of this. I agree that EMC has been a little irregular and that EMC has changed so much as so many new members have joined and so many members have left. But, the staff have a job too that some of us might not understand what they have to do, sometimes they are reading a thread to make the decision wether to lock it or keep it up for a bit. Or they are replying to a message they received. Possibilities are limitless. But thats my opinion.
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  13. EMC can handle it, it would just be a little unnecessary, and tbh... a thread about religion will no doubt cause debate and EMC's community should be smart enough not to put a thread up about it.
  14. To be Honest,I dont think anything can handle a religion discussion, it will always end up like the ones here :p

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  15. I dunno if it is just me who thinks this, and I probably am, but it feels like some staff try too hard to be nice.

    It bothers me...
  16. I can't really comment on UHC (never been there) nor on staff muting other players because well, so far I never ran into such issues myself. Still, one thing:

    I know where this quote came from because I saw the original too in a forum thread. However, I don't quite agree with your conclusion here. It shows that the involved (at that time trainee) staff member is also a normal player, one who will sometimes express themselves a little more passionate than other times.

    The reason I comment here is simple: if this were a regular player who commented like that then it wouldn't be much of an issue. But because it is a staff member all of a sudden it is? And well, now that we're on this subject anyway: what is wrong with a staff member going AFK for a while in the first place? Moderators are regular players, so we've been told many times. So if a regular player can go AFK, why not a mod?

    Sure; some mods will express themselves better than others. Same applies to players. Some mods will go the extra mileage when you talk to them, others won't and keep it short and simple. Not always enjoyable, but meh; sometimes solveable by finding another staff member (aka getting a 2nd opinion).

    However, I do agree that it sometimes seems kinda weird. You'd expect all staff members to do things more or less the same when it involves official business. Sometimes that doesn't appear to be the case. Sort off.

    I'm approx 300 days old and I can tell you that this has been going on for much longer already. I've witnesses these kinda of events when I was only a few weeks old, and the reason I still recall is because it was one of the things which made me seriously question if I was going to stay on EMC or not (I wasn't fully sure at that time).

    But these things heavily change. Some days you hardly get any of this and the other some players are indeed acting out a little. But I don't share your opinion that this didn't happen earlier on. During the past 300 days I haven't really seen this to be much different.

    Thing is: players come and go. Which is also a heavy factor here. SMP2 (my home server) right now is not the same SMP2 as it was 2 months ago. New players (some nice, some good, some "meh") new conversations, new stuff to do. Yet some things always remain the same.

    Even so: we can all help shape this IMO. If you feel a player is being obnoxious try telling them so (in a friendly manner mind you!). Otherwise /report them.

    No offense intended (meant in general) but with these kind of stories I can't help wonder: And what did you do? It's one thing to notice issues and comment on them, but... have you tried anything to steer things into another direction?
  17. Note that there are still incidents occurring which involves staff and the community. If these issues were being fixed, there would be a dramatic decrease in the amount of issues coming up. Either I haven't seen any of this in action, or it's being handled poorly. Again, these are just my thoughts.
  18. What you don't understand is people banned at UHC weren't banned because they had diamonds, they were banned because there was proof of rule breaking. Based off of what Krysyy and other staff members have said in the past, there is a process of reviewing the evidence, observing the player for a bit, and some cases taking into account the players past history before making any decisions/punishment. I wasn't there so I can't say for sure or not if those players looked liked they had illegal mods but what I can say is I trust our staff wouldn't unfairly ban someone.

    That quote of the staff member you showed was simply defending themselves. Another thing is that you left out a huge portion of the quote, the rest of the quote explains how he/she is always working to help someone and sometimes is a bit overloaded. To me that's understandable and I understand how he/she could be upset. Imagine if all you did was work your butt off for diamonds and then one day a player came and falsely accused you of stealing his diamonds and that that's where your diamonds come from. Your image would be a bit tarnished from something that never happened.

    The last UHC I went to was extremely heated and dramatic. I do agree with you there that if it doesn't change for the better, it should be discontinued.

    Edit: Can you provide some of the context of the mutes? What was the player saying? Did he receive a warning? etc.
  19. This issue has been going on for too long. It's rude to just bash on a players skull without giving them a chance to explain themselves.
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  20. See, and its comments like these which aren't really fair IMO because they don't tell us anything.

    What I am missing here is: how did you call yourself annoying? For example: for all I know you could have been spamming the chat with this (note: not saying that you did, but... we can't know). Did you get any warnings? Was there more going on during that time? What did you do before you called yourself annoying, etc, etc, etc.

    And most of all: why did you call yourself annoying? Is it possible that you were actually acting a little annoying at that time, thus resulting in.... ?

    Problem here is that this is your side of the story, but there's usually much more to these things.